25 October 2011

Ralph Holder, Michael Holman and KingCast expose more rogue lawlessness in NH, failure to turn over exculpatory evidence and dishonest Defense Counsel.

Here are some important background links that also show another father's plight. He's white, Mr. Holder, Michael Holman and I are all black, but at bottom New Hampshire treats us all like a bunch of niggers. Don't get made at me though, I'm just calling a spade a spade. Watch Mr. Holman's movie, showing how NH LE and Judges took his children from him in Washington State and delivered them back to a white drug-addled mother here in NH... who then almost killed the kid by allowing him to ride a bicycle without a helmet. And that's a fact, jack.

Watch for an updated Memorandum for the Court on my Free Press case because Attorney Brian Cullen -- who delved into ancient history and lied to the Court and stated that I was disbarred -- is dealing with some current history and a Rule 60b Motion for Mr. Holder to reopen his Civil case because somewhere between Attorney Cullen and his client they never delivered to him a copy of the goddamn medic report that proves he never assaulted his wife. NH LE, Guardian ad litem and Judges did then take that misinformation and use it to take his black child out of superior NH schools and place him in a dangerous neighborhood in with inferior schools in Massachusetts, and that's a fact, jack.

Mr. Holder -- himself a Senior Passport manager and former LE -- writes:
"Mr. King, The Rule 60 (b) Motion has been filed to reopen the case against the Town of Newton and its racist and rogue Chief of Police Streeter. He won't turn over the investigation into my claim the two officers who conducted the warrantless entry and arrest of false assault charges. The NH AG Delaney is trying to protect him with a bogus investigation. The local custodian of the EMT report that was suppressed and fraudulently concealed is also not responding to my RSA 91-A request.... 
May it Please the Court: I write to update my Telephonic Conference Memorandum to note that if Defense Counsel Brian Cullen is going to sit there and lie to this Honorable Court and state that I was disbarred relative to taping a landlord who called my client a "nigger lover" in 1996, then I am going to set the record straight and inform you that right here and right now, in 2011, he and his client have unlawfully withheld an EMT report against a black man named Ralph Holder that caused him to temporarily lose custody of his child, who was then sent to an inferior school in Massachusetts. This of Course is a complete violation of Brown v. Board of Education and Palmore v. Sidoti, two cases I learned about as a student and employee of Case Western Reserve University School of Law Constitutional Professor Edward Mearns. See Holder v. Town of Newton, 08-CV-197 JL. Now Your Honor you and I both know that a top-50 law school like Case Western Reserve doesn't graduate many dummies, and I certainly wouldn't consider either of us to be devoid of the intellectual capacity to see what's going on here: 

A patently disingenuous, insulting, bottom-feeding ad hominem attempt by Counsel for Nashua PD to discredit Plaintiff so that the Court refuses to grant a reasonable Third Amended Complaint showcasing Defendant Ayotte's Defamatory statement to the entirety of Congress while seeking money to defend this case that Plaintiff "filed frivolous lawsuits" as well as Defendant Nashua PD's ongoing pattern of harassment of independent journalists and citizens who video record the police. One victim, Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report has already been acquitted and the next one, Michael Gannon -- a prior victim of unlawful video confiscation by Nashua PD -- will most assuredly win in January, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

KingCast.net a/k/a
Issue Memorandum Supplement Dishonesty on the part of Nashua PD Defense Counsel Brian Cullen27 Oct 2011

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