07 October 2011

Mortgage Movies and KingCast meet Greater Boston Motorsports over a Dunlop Q2 Sportmax!

New skins for the Triumph Sprint 955i.... And while we were in there I gave the single-sided swingarm and shock pivots a good cleaning and some silicone spray to set things up for the foul weather ahead.... I have yet to compute the mileage I got out of that first one but suffice it to say it went an entire season, April or so to now. The first Dunlop Q2 Sportmax (#1 street sport tyre) short film is here. On the Gladius 650 is Kimmie, a double major poly sci/economics. That's the Mortgage Movies part, she will be following as she applies to law school. No dummies allowed in the KingCast camp. I have another GBM video to link as soon as I remember where it is :)

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