06 October 2011

All NH Federal Judges recuse from KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD 2010-CV-501 free press racial case: They don't want to cover up the lies and deceit.

9:43 a.m. update: They have run out of Judges and the case must be transferred. DiClerico recused on 4 Oct. 2011 LOL guys, you have totally lost control of this case. Nobody wants to protect their fucking bullshit anymore, hahahahaa.... what a hoot.
Look, I simply do not give a fuck what your title is, who you work for, or any of that shit. If you are a lying-assed attorney I am going to break your face in public. Now another Judge has recused from the Federal Bench, leaving only DiClerico... who has ruled against Kellly Ayotte before in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood. Interestingly enough, the lawyers from that case regularly read my journal. Ain't that special? Methinks so, particularly because I am the only journo to place copies of the two $150,000.00 settlement checks online after Ayotte claimed "victory."

This is what I call a royal ass-whupping. Yah, It's gonna' leave a mark. Who is going to Certify the goddamn record now, huh?


Christopher King said...

They want the settlement or they want the SCOTUS, frankly I'm cool either way.

I told them not to fuck with me.

-The KingCaster.

Michael Holman said...

Ok, Attorney Stanley Hawthorne and Attorney Jennifer Haskell, looks like the Feds have probably seen enough Judicial Misconduct and Public Corruption from New Hampshire in my case, you have some explaining to do....Judge Pamela Albee, you're about due for some Federal questions. I bet you guys are switching names on your assets about now......My Congressman approached the DMV with your FOIA's that returned NOTHING in an effort to help me get a drivers license, but alas, I won't be sticking around. You will have to send goons far away to find me and my brood....

Michael Holman said...

Yo Chris, this shit is FUNNY, funny, like some dumb-ass kids playing with fire, they got burned. I would seek to get them ALL disbarred.....WOW....their spouses should make them sleep on the couch, for the rest of their careers, law does not suit them.

Christopher King said...

Well despite the embarrassment and all of the clear cut lies by counsel and procedural and substantive issues raised by the Court's activities, it's not over unless or until another Federal Court has the chutzpah to call them on it.

I mean they have clearly lost control of this case and they never dreamed it would come to this, but it's still not over.

Remember that.

I do, every day.


Michael Holman said...

Keep it as close to the public's eye as you can, it is obvious these are not mere mistakes, but deliberate harassment and abuse of your rights due to their hate of you. They did the same to me. I am told by my Congressman, and by receptionists at the NHAG's office, that an investigation continues into their crimes against my family. Sure, they can try to rule whatever but a level-headed public will see the crimes for what they are, attacks upon citizens. Whether based on race or whatever, obvious criminal acts to harm us. Wall Street is getting a dose of revolt, so shall NH's Government......

Christopher King said...


One of the most prescient things you have written.

Now they are hoping the new court will sanitize the shit stains from the first court.

As Kelly Ayotte's Niggermania supporters so eloquently stated "this case smells like a nigger."

But I ain't that nigger.