31 October 2011

Looks like the Baum Law Firm is giving out Tricks instead of Treats, mocking homeowners and ignoring their own fraudulent foreclosures.

First dig the Preliminary efax Complaint to the New Jersey Bar Association on Foreclosure Mill Phelan Hallinan & Schieg. They are in district 3B, certified mail goes out today. I got them so good that Senator Robert Mendendez' Office refuses to respond to me because they know an honest response would put these guys under, and I shouldn't have that kind of power. Read the John Perseo letter to Senator Menendez hereBut alas, they can't stop me from telling it, and what it is.... is that the LE in the picture is calling Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg and telling them "We don't know what the fuck is going on because no one is answering the door." All because of KingCast/Mortgage Movies and my trusty little Canons.

Screw these guys anyway they are paying $2M for fraudulent conduct in the first place as seen above via US AG Preet Bharara. Read today's NYTimes Op-Ed piece "What the Costumes Reveal" by Joe Nocera. I wrote him today and I will pay a visit to the Baum Law Firm, the same firm that the U.S. Trustee slammed for false documentation just like the rest of the foreclosure mills. Heck M&T bank administers the pension funds for MD try getting a fair shake there against someone like Thomas P. Dore, search his name on this journal more on that soon. But the way these big firms treat solo attorneys and their contempt for them, I know it well because I have had big shot lawyer Luis Alcalde stick his stubby little fingers in my chest to goad me into a fight after a Depo. I wisely passed on that but you can read more about him in the No Child Left Behind public information request.
Joe thank you so much for running those photos. We need responsible journos like you who will stop protecting these beasts who basically put a poop-stain on all of corporate America. I wrote for the Indy Star before law school. I was also a licensed Title Insurance producer and I am posting your editorial today. Meanwhile watch this:

Phelan Hallinan Schmieg ethics breach: They called cops on media & homeowner, lied about it.

And yesterday's update from Boston via Oakland:
For Scott Olsen: Occupy Wall Street, Boston, Oakland and the World!

Give a holler for lunch I'm in NY all the time.

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