03 October 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies, U.S. Marines, Dr. Craig Pollack and Professor Julia Lynch say Wall Street and Foreclosures are killing America!

Dear Dr. Pollack and Professor Lynch: I read with rapt interest your op-ed piece in today's NYTimes, and wished they had given you another 10 column inches to develop and document your observations. As a former State Attorney and industry professional (I ran a Title Company) I am appalled by some of the tactics employed by these scum bag "lenders" and the lawyers employed by them. Look no further than the scum at Phelan, Hallinan and Schmieg, who called the police on an innocent homeowner and me, and then lied about it to building security. At any rate, have yourselves a fine day and keep on preaching the truth, as do the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston folksas will a group of U.S. Marines:

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Christopher King said...

Your op-ed piece is lovely.

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