06 October 2011

KingCast visits Rhode Island with Luther Campbell and Free Press racial lawsuit Defendants Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD 2010-CV-501: 'We got the appetite for Law... cos we so horny!'

1. The lawsuit.

3. KingCast Reply Memorandum in Support of Certification for Interlocutory Appeal to Vacate Judge McCaferty's Report and Recommendations.
Note: Judge John McConnell will be presidig now. He gradulated from Brown with my old friend Judge Dwayne Maynard who offered opposing commentary in my suspension case. I spoke at His Honor's wife's High School for MLK Day in fact...... Anyway Judge McConnell is a Case Western Law grad 10 years before me and I can hear a collective groan from the Elephants because he is a Dem. What are they going to do, move to recuse him, LOL..... Anyway I don't care what his political persuasion is, frankly I just need him to stop truncating my Rights as a Plaintiff when crucial developments arise the reflect on the policy and practice of the NH Police Department, which since the inception of this case has wrongfully arrested Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report, in circumstances eerily similar to mine in which they ran me out of the entire Crown Plaza for no lawful reason. Mr. Ridley -- who has been critical of the Counsel in my case -- was acquitted. It is also nice to know that His Honor follows the law of Roe v. Wade in supporting women's penumbral First Amendment Rights as well, even though Defendant Ayotte does not. Look at the two $150,000.00 checks the State of NH had to write to ACLU Counsel after Ayotte lost in her Planned Parenthood case yet as she falsely proclaimed victory, nice.

Sooo.... KingCast I see you got that new rear tyre for the Triumph... Another Dunlop Sportmax Q2 I see.... well will you be riding it down there chillin' at the Rhode Island Federal District Courthouse with Luther and Kelly while you reminisce about the days of old and Atlantic Beach Casino, Inc. v. Morenzoni749 F. Supp. 38 (1990)?

Answer: I don't know if Luther will be there or not but I'll be sure to hit him up so we can roll some Rhode Island honeys in between hearings LOL, not.

(3) The Defendants have once again materially misapplied the law. Their cited case of Caraballo-Seda v. Municipality of Hormigueros, 395 F.3d7, 9 (1st. Cir. 2005) stands for the proposition that Interlocutory Appeal shall not be improvidently granted when many of Plaintiffs’ claims are going forward. Allow Plaintiff to quote directly from the First Circuit:
"Moreover, since the rest of the claims based on the same underlying facts have proceeded in the district court, the interlocutory appeal on the WIA issue does not "materially advance the ultimate termination of the litigation."
In this case there is no such showing because Magistrate McCafferty has carefully crafted her Report and Recommendations to all but foreclose any claims from going forward, and Judge Barbadoro accepted it prior to his recusal without any demonstrable consideration of Plaintiff’s Motion for Reconsideration, his Motion for Disclosure or his Motion to Recuse Magistrate McCafferty. That is not the way to mete out Justice in a Federal Court and Plaintiff presumes that the District Court of Rhode Island will take a much more principled approach to these matters as it typically does in these discriminatory First Amendment application cases, see generally Jones v. Warwick, 08 375ML and even protecting the rights of raunchy black rappers 2LiveCrew in a case I covered 22 years ago as Editor of the Ohio Call & Post Cincinnati Edition: Atlantic Beach Casino, Inc. v. Morenzoni, 749 F. Supp. 38 (1990).Me love you long time (uncensored).

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Christopher King said...

Now that tyre is ZR rated to a sustained 149 mph so if I need to I can get on down there with the quickness, at least until sometime in December, then it's time for the cage or the T most of the time for 3 horrible months, LOL.