15 October 2011

KingCast to Rick Berlin, Shamus Moynihan and the entire Jamaica Plain Music Festival Crew: This movie rocks!

10:24p Update: See that second image down below? For some reason when I uploaded the second half of the music videos it overwrote the first and now those files are unavailable, basically I get to remake the whole goddamn movie. At least the original place markers are there so I can see what clips I need to use but this was much more than a rough cut, the transitions and everything but sound balance were perfect. Fucking bullshit always happens on the biggest project you have going on, never some simple shit. But the good thing is I always have things backed up, and fortunately I took that picture at top which contains some of the last edits I made that were also lost, so how about them bananers! Still that will burn up another entire half-day. Fuck fuck fuck. Technology is your friend and your foe, a complete frienemy.
Oh I'm busy killing it right now guys maybe we can even do a quick rough cut showing tomorrow! I haven't seen the Hummelvision work yet but I'm sure it's lively as well and I want to get some of Adam Well's stills to throw in the mix. All in all I am very pleased with the results from the Canon 60D and Rhode SVM Microphone, especially considering I bought them less than 24 hours before the shoot. Next year the only changes I'll make are threefold plus one: 
1. Closer attention to dust control in a venue like this it is amazing what flies up on that lens. Gotta clean it like a robot after every set no exceptions.
2. A stabilizer instead of a tripod/monopod because you just can't get the job done right with either of the latter options because I often have to detach the body to go where I want to go for the shot anyway.
3. I will go to bed at 6pm instead of 1am the night before trying to learn my new camera and work more squats and yoga into the workout leading up to it.
4. It will be produced in FC Pro instead of iMovie 11.

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