15 October 2011

KingCast tells U.S. Capitol police, "No worries mates, I respect responsible LE and I'm safe, watch the Rod Class and Kelly Ayotte office videos."

In fact, if you get up with me I'll show you how you're getting hosed on your "Mortgage." Also, not to mention the lead video showing how Kelly Ayotte's Chief of Staff John Easton is a goddamn liar. Can you check on the status of my Ethics Complaint about him? I don't suffer fools gladly that's for sure, Kelly herself when she saw her constituent say she is "pleasant and sweet and full of shit," or you can ask eMusic CEO and Columbia Faculty Felon Adam Klein and his high-priced feckless lawyers at Lee, Levin and Bowser all about that. And POTUS, heck I've already shot him and he's reading my posts about NCLB Fraud back in Columbus, Ohio..... Other than that, I'm a fun guy, love making music videos.

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