26 October 2011

KingCast says OMFG Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD file 11th hour 28 U.S.C. 455 Motion to Recuse Judge John McConnell in 2010-CV-501.

BTW I am in touch with some folks who have been watching my journals for some time now. Some of these folks have substantial LE experience. Much much more to come.

The Upshoot:
1. Motion Denied. (paraphrase from notes but very close) "I hold no opinion, animosity or preconceptions about the matter... there is no appearance of impropriety... Senator Ayotte exercised her Constitutional duties as I will exercise mine. I will enter an Order later today denying the Motion for Recusal."

2. Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen to issue an Amended Pleading noting that I am not disbarred. This was in conjunction with a threat to go after me for sanctions and legal fees that has apparently been jettisoned after I noted that Attorney Cullen and/or client have recently been found to be in Contempt of Federal Court themselves. I say apparently because you never know with these bullies.

3. A Stay on further filings until or after a 5 Dec. 2011 Motion Hearing on the pending Dispositive Motions, at which point I will reassert the significance of the pending Motion for Mandatory Judicial Notice of Dave Ridley/Ridley Report wrongful arrest and acquittal and the Third Amended Complaint request noting the Defamation of Ayotte's Chief of Staff who claimed that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against her. That should provide independent grounds for litigation in and of itself.

My email to NH PD Detective Alex Gorman and several others on the willful failure of Defendant Ayotte to investigate the mortgage forgery wire fraud issue:

KingCast Opposition to Defendants' 11th hour 28 U.S.C. §455 Motion to Recuse Judge John McConnell
Newbies note that there is a hearing schedule for tomorrow in RI District Court.
The video is being filed as admission by Defendant Ayotte that she violated the law against Plaintiff in a Second Supplemental Hearing Memorandum in 5 minutes. As Bobby Knight said, I did not come here to get my ass beat. I came here to kick some ass.

I told them to go to hell because I had far more basis to demand Judge McCafferty's recusal because she used to work for the same sleazy law firm of McLane Graf as did Defendant Ayotte and my opposing counsel, NH Bar President Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton:

I emailed the first response:
I'll get back to you shortly. The fact that you all waited until the 11th hour to send this to me smacks of gamesmanship. As if none of you were aware of this Party-line Partisan vote (against Judge McConnell) from the get go. You guys think you're playing with an amateur don't you?

I will respond to you in an hour, or by 4:15 pm.

Do not, under any circumstances file anything with the Court until you hear back from me.

I am reviewing United States v. Evans, 262 F.Supp 2d 1292 (2003 and other cases in the interim.  Also attached I have provided a Second Supplemental Hearing Memorandum that I will be filing later today, and a comment-free YouTube link to a 50-second video in which Defendant Ayotte admits that her office should have taken action on my forgery complaint will be provided, along with a hard copy DVD for you immediately.

I emailed the second response:

It is now 4:19 I apologize so sincerely for being 4 minutes "late."

I have read enough to see that I am not in accord with your Motion not only because of United States v. Evans, but because you are estopped from arguing this point after you sat back on your hands and allowed the Court to issue two decisions in your favor.... now that you are worried that the Court has given you everything it is going to give you go Judge shopping.

I'm not down with that.

I had much more to go on with Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty working for McLane Graf and working next to and under NH Bar President Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton and not even mentioning it, as if I was some hayseed who never practiced in Federal (or any other) court.

From Evans, infra, in which a Defense Counsel himself -- once removed from Defendant Ayotte's Position as litigant -- wrote a letter in opposition to confirmation of a Jurist:

Even assuming (contrary to prevailing law) that an appearance of bias against an attorney is a sufficient basis for recusal, the grounds alleged in the motion would fall well short of the appropriate showing. Defense counsel has a First Amendment right to petition members of Congress and to suggest how they should vote on judicial nominees. But such communications "are probative of [an attorney's] dislike for [a judicial nominee], not the other way around." 17 Defense counsel's communications "may very well establish [his] feelings toward [the court], but they have "no tendency to show [the  [*1296]  court's] feelings towards" defense counsel. 18 The undersigned bears no animosity towards defense counsel for expressing his views.

File your motion and I shall file my Memorandum Contra the minute I see it posted on ECF and yes I will basically just use this email chain as my response.

See also Cheney v. United States Dist. Court, 541 U.S. 913 (2004). 
KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD NH 2010-CV-501 Second Supplemental Telephonic Conference Issue ...


Christopher King said...

I don't fuck around.

They emailed me this nonsense at 3 something pm.

They filed at 4:50p

I filed my Opposition at 5:00p.

Again, what is KingCast against 13 high-paid NH Lawyers & support staff?

About an even match.

-The KingCaster.

Michael Holman said...

America is rife with corruption and racism right now, just see the way they have tried to harm the president! It is a hard fight Chris, toady I am in Hartford Ct fighting tooth and nail to get justice. Something they believe a "nigger" doesn't deserve......