05 October 2011

KingCast says "Goodnight, Steve Jobs."

OMFG.... I thought or more accurately feared this for some time. We all can crack on Apple for various reasons -- and I did -- told Apple they could kiss my ass, but then they made it right.  Anyway never forget that most of us doing the cracking can only do it as proficiently as we do.... because of him. My Mortgage Movies and exposure of shady Federal Judges in NH would probably would not exist as it is without him. 

RIP Brother, and that is all I have to say, but to that I will add this: For example, I'm 46. How would you live, how would you love, how would you learn if someone told you that you had but ten years left to live? Good. Then go ahead and act as if, Peace.

PS: I don't think the cause of death should remain a mystery, however. I have two tennis idols, John McEnroe and Arthur Ashe. I have had short interviews with both an on extended with Arthur about 5 years before he died, and even though he died of AIDS because of a blood transfusion at a time when it was considered taboo to have AIDS for any reason, he publicly acknowledged what was happening to him. I think when millions of people look up to you that you have an attendant obligation to inform, if only because it bring awareness to whatever ailment that has removed your physical body from our realm. Just my $.02.


Christopher King said...

I had the Mac Plus, SE, etc. etc in law school.... and 4 Mac Computers since then, whenever the corporate dollar wasn't providing me a computer I always spent my money on Apple Computers except for two, one a Toshiba (great computer ruined by water damage) and another one that really sucked, cannot remember what it was called to save my life.

Anyway, I know what I'm wearing tomorrow.


Christopher King said...

Damn his death really irritates me and it is beyond the tacit acknowledgement of my own mortality.... it is just... also a death of the birth of innocence in a way. Obviously the company will continue on and continue to innovate, but it's just not the same without the actual and spiritual braintrust.

My girlfriend and I were discussing the matter last night, and while she came to Apple later in life, she too recognizes how liberating the Apple experience is.

I recognized it 20+ years ago entering law school when my mother took me to the computer store and co-signed the loan agreement for me to buy my first Apple Computer, a Mac Plus.

My life would never be the same.

Now where is my turtleneck.....