16 October 2011

KingCast says "Goodnight, Dan Weldon."

Sigh. From what I understand he was a Good Sport, respected all around. He too, like Ayrton before his death, was not happy with his ride. And both men were driving for owners who are partially paralyzed, Williams and Schmidt. Uncanny. I am about to watch the worst modern day open wheeled crash in recent history while I contemplate the wisdom of Izod -- or anyone -- putting an additional $5M purse on a race like that, run under conditions arguably ill-suited to these machines. No I am not going to post it. 

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A cogent comment at Motoring Alliance:

Racing on high banked one and half mile banked tracks with Indy cars is like stock cars at Daytona and Talladega. The cars can run flat all the way around; if the driver lifts they lose position. David Poole a writer for the Charlotte Observer wrote a article a few years ago about this in reference to Talladega. 

In this case Dan did not check up when someone got sideways running three wide when they shouldn’t be doing that stuff on the 12th lap. He got launched into the fence head first. The stock cars figured out how to keep the cars on the ground. Indy car needs to do the same thing. Beyond that lower the banks or reduce the grip so they have to step on the brakes going into the corner.

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Christopher King said...

"Hopefully they'll pick someone competent enough to drive those things because it is an IndyCar," Penske driver Will Power said shortly after the prize was announced. "You can't rub panels. You rub wheels, and someone's going flying."