12 October 2011

KingCast returns to the Adam Klein felony/Emusic CEO/Columbia adjunct/child support/Spotify killer wannabe maelstrom.

Also, come to find out that douchebag Jimmy Wales, whose wikipedia censors me for no legitimate reason, is a best BFF of Adam Klein....a couple of professional bullshitters, LOL. The link is an invite to last year's party for Adam Klein down here in NYC... Where was Media Leader run anyway, out of Klein's house?
I had just told these guys about Adam Klein and they told two friends... 
Oh, yeaaahhhhh..... Movie coming soon on the Columbia sessions this afternoon, it was a brilliant ride up there. I took the 9A instead of FDR up and over, and on the way back I saw a sweet Triumph Tiger 1050 to replace the Sprint 955i, it just has such a better suspension and riding position and the handguards will work better with the heated grips than just the heated grips alone. I mean no disrespect to Bessie, she's a fly gal but the 1050 is da bomb beyotch! I even washed it up with Honda polish before the shoot, I'm sure the owner is going walk out and say "WTF how did my bike get so clean????"......Anyway I spoke to International students, administrators, passersby and the Assistant Dean. I even recorded some of these discussions. Which ones you will never know as I leak them throughout the blogosphere in the coming days, weeks and months. Here is this morning's journal entry with the first video as I verified that eMusic needs to update its websites.

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