28 October 2011

KingCast Occupy Boston Update with Oakland Police Brutality Commentary on Scott Olsen. Occupy the World!!!

Saturday afternoon by 3:30p movie folks. The People will Triumph over crime.
For now enjoy the stills.
Note how Big Brother was all set to check me if I wheelied that light.

Background journal entry.


Christopher King said...

My stills are like Porsche... accept no substitute!

Now if I had just gone to 1/160 on the shutter that B/W horn shot would be PERFECT.

But alas, perfection awaits no one, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see KingCast continue its coverage of Occupy Boston. Their activism is so beautifully organic, instinctively rising from the pure American Soul - that they naturally lack hardcore political strategy. Because political strategy is the antithesis of organic. It's contrived and has a little hint of nasty.

So those of us who have long ago caved, allowed our patriotism and idealism nearly die, and for practical reasons become at home with that little bit of nasty - and for sure those of us who have morphed into pure political creatures - we need to support the Occupy folks. It's critical to our nation, and to the future of the American Soul, that the outright tyranny of big corporations and their influence over the State not succeed in stomping out these dedicated activists.

What will America become if the Occupy movement is crushed, or worse made illegal? What will be left? It's scary to think about.

Christopher King said...


Sage points.

Dig this:

I read a flyer/poster that stated "Do not confuse the complexity of the situation for confusion" or something like that.

There is just so much wrong going on in Corporate America that it is difficult to present it in cogent manner, but I find the theme of this movement quite clear, but perhaps that is because of my directly related experience.

At the same time there will always be people you cannot reach, such is life.

You keep on keeping on.

-Mother Ann.
(Cleveland Matriarch).