03 October 2011

KingCast monitors the Habbo Hustle..... you kick ass, you get banned.

Habbo.... with 230M participants... minus a few.  I'm watching a case in which a friend of mine likely to be a millionaire by 25 plays Habbo. Well he doesn't just play it, he shreds it. Anyway his account has been hacked and now he has been accused of "scam links" a charge he vigorously denies. Others have reported similar problems, and this guy is banned until the year 2023!!! You would think he shot the Pope. In fact, he is so emphatic about it that he has called the company, requested his account back and may seek legal counsel. I think it's an interesting game because there are certain entrepreneurial and organizational skills that are being honed here; I guess part of the subtext is that you get to learn some legal skills too! I am quite familiar with getting banned or shut out of sites for no logical reason, just by whimsy of the jackass moderators. I'll start with none other than Daily Kos (despite forward-thinking members), Northeast Shooters (boy was I right about Evan Franklin, he got fired ahem) wiki and Jimmy Wales. Stay tuned.

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