26 October 2011

KingCast gives daps to Howie Carr for today's journal entry "In the Bag."

What? After helping Joanna Marinova find counsel to fight the Boston Herald on her valid Defamation claims, and after telling Carr and Michele Mcphee that they are both racists after Mcphee called Chuck Turner a racist? Well sure. The point is that I give credit where credit is due and Carr was pretty much on point today in his scathing commentary about our Judiciary although I definitely disagree with his proportions of 5%-95%.... I will not say where I place the value. Anyway, the one more thing I will say however is that Howie not every lawyer gives a shit about making $3-400K, I've been quite happy making a quarter of that. Some of us only want Justice and integrity. Now then Howie if you really want to get after a case, get after International felon, Columbia J-School prof and eMusic CEO Adam Klein screwing the hell out of his daughter while the Court helps in every way possible. Watch the video shot at Columbia this month.

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