13 October 2011

KingCast gets another call from Quincy Cocaine Road Rage Joseph Fasano friend Douchebag Fucktard Mike, 617.328.5943 at 7:32 a.m.

18 October 2011 Update: I filed a complaint yesterday 
at D6 on this creep. I'll post it later.

17 Oct 2001 update.... I got him in North Weymouth
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....and you can see exactly what he was looking at this morning below the fold... he called again, 3x this morning. I in turn called Quincy PD and they in turn advised me that I don't even have to go all the way down there I can just go to my local PD, nice. I have a meeting at 2p with the JP Music Festival leaders Rick and Shamus and then I am going to swear out a complaint against this asshole and get a goddamn court order on him.

What a complete fucktard this guy is. I'm chilling out this morning with my lady, see an unknown number and figure it's a news tip or something so I answer the phone and it's this piece of shit. When I get home I am going straight to the police for an harassment order, she heard me tell this loser never to call me again as I have done before. Now the police will tell his sorry ass. Here is the back story and more story.

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