01 October 2011

KingCast encourages ABC News to Do the Right Thing this time with the Franconia shooting tragedy series.

Pretty much all you need to know about the Liko Kenney, multiple felon Greg Floyd and Norman Bruce McKay tragedy is right here. Now I have been up and down the road with these guys, and let me tell you I laid right into them after Producer Andy Paparella telephoned and emailed me, then ignored pretty much everything that I told him. Plenty of townsfolk in Franconia and Sugar Hill were bloody pissed off as well so I will leave it at this:

Davey and Michele Kenney told me that they declined to speak to ABC News last week because after the initial ABC News feature I'm one of the only journos who gets it right. And by get it right I mean by exposing the full story of public (and administrative via Franconia firefighters) mistrust of Bruce McKay.

I think Boston Strangler investigative writer Casey Sherman (pictured, below with Yours Truly) did a great job, but it's no secret that retired area LE Bradford Whipple and I think he soft-pettled the McKay issue in some areas but then again to document all it would have taken a book twice as long.  And I tend to know WTF I'm talking about, just ask Alyssa Giacobbe relative to the Quincy Cocaine Road Rage issues that I have followed with courtroom stills and video, or the Boston Globe, relative to their devastating Defamation Summary Judgment loss to Joanna Marinova, whom I delivered to Todd & Weld. So then below is the history of ABC coverage, the first one was honest and unbiased, but Officer Down and 20/20 were some of the most one-sided, worthless pro-cop rants I have ever witnessed.... and I say this as a former LE Attorney. As a journo, you simply have to hold bad cops accountable, there's no excuse for anything less.

 How the North Country views Bruce McKay.

2. Review of 20/20 feature.
3. What 20/20 should have covered.
4. ABC News "Officer Down" from 26 Nov. 2007 was a bogus cover up story.
5. The first ABC News story was reasonably fair and impartial.

"Liberal media" my arse. Better get to reading Ben Bagdikian's Media Monopoly, as noted herein.

PS: Click "28 U.S.C. §455 recusal issue" in this linky and watch this short film to see how Kelly Ayotte and her friends at McLane, Graf law firm -- including current NH Bar President Jennifer Parent -- unlawfully influence peddle. I had to force Judge Landya B. McCafferty to recuse herself in the Free Press racial lawsuit KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501. These guys think they can pretty much do anything they want to and get away with it. I am here to tell them that they are wrong. Very wrong. And such a shame, before I embarrassed the living snot out of them I offered a non-monetary settlement: 20 minutes at New England News and Press Association with Kelly Ayotte on who constitutes a journo in 2011. How simple.

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