28 October 2011

KingCast celebrates NH Stop Judicial Child Abuse journal!

Well as Unethical Attorney journal informs, thank goodness the Citizens of New Hampshire will soon be in a position to be enlightened on the true nature and extent of abuse that too many members of the New Hampshire judiciary are meting out to innocent victims in many areas of law, including mortgages, where NH steadfastly continues to buck the National trends, check the Jeanne Ingress case with Brian Masterson, Esq. and Judge Diane Nicolosi. 

I have a long and documented history of helping children so stay tuned folks, because in addressing child abuse as seen from one of my first KingCast movies, above. And even they politics kept us from getting all kinds of contracts in BPS, they can't keep us from doing what we are about to do now. So read these links closely and stay tuned folks, because we've got a really big sheeeew......

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Unknown said...

The STOP Judicial Child Abuse Blog is proud to be in alliance with the King Network of blog and media sites.

"STOP Judicial Child Abuse stands in lockstep with Chris and wholeheartedly supports his initiatives to preserve and promote liberty, equality, and justice, as guaranteed by the state and federal constitutions, and is dedicated to the cause of exposing the corruption that seeks to undermine the liberties that this great nation was built upon" states the STOP Judical Child Abuse founder.