25 October 2011

KingCast: Catching up with Martha Coakley MGL §66-10 Request for Information on mortgage fines and bank check fees and U.S. Trustee Larry Sumski no-fee FOIA Request for journos.

Martha Coakley/Massachusetts Division of Banks issues, background:
1.  How much money in mortgage fines did you take in 2006 to present?
2.  What did you do with it, where was it allocated?
3.  Did the AG's office approve a 12% rate for Bank of America to charge to cash a $50 check?

As you can see, Attorney Coakley's office, by and through Attorney Abdeljaber, referred me to the Comptroller for both items. That will be interesting, as if the Comptroller has legal authority to set banking fees.
Outstanding FOIA request: For U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Larry Sumski to determine if or when his office has EVER challenged a proof of claim in the manner that many responsible Trustees are so doing. I doubt it because he is too busy calling me an "Internet cohort, watch the movie, which also exposes foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore, whose notaries are taking the Fifth (and possibly drinking fifths) like there's no tomorrow. Name-calling huh, how mature. Well I see that and raise him one: I call him a big banking tool, how's that Larry? Bottom line is that I am a journalist and journos get free documents. This one I will take to SCOTUS because Attorney Larry Wahlquist is oh-so full of it, especially in light of s849, the Open Government Act of 2007 and again in New Hampshire given Mortgage Specialists v. Implode Explode, duh.

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