24 October 2011

KingCast asks, "Where is the missing Terry Dean Nemmers/ArrestaJudgekit Search Warrant?"

Inquiring minds want to know! Apparently there are no such minds present at the local LE or media out there in Pope County, MN, but whatever, you'll have that I guess.


Justice J said...

WOW...SO the person who should be speaking to you, Chris King, a distinguished journalist, member of the Press and liscened Attorney, by the Polk County AUTHORITY that holds "THE power of overseeing the LAW" or whatever they do there, is refusing to even SET UP a time to speak with you to go over the facts/specifics of the whole ordeal that Terry Dean Nemmers has endured (for HOW LONG NOW?!!!!) or say that he choses to not make a comment rearding the whole issue. WOW, just another miscarriage of JUSTICE, LIBERTY and FREEDOM by those LAWFULL (Hmmmm....this is FULL of something but it sure doesn't SMELL like LAW)......Guess there is no reason that citizens should abide/obey/follow when those in charge/oversee communities and the well-being,freedoms, liberties and safety/health of those in the community DO NOT FEEL THAT THEMSELVES HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES, REGULATIONS, CODES and LAWS of said COMMUNITIES THEMSELVES. QUESTION: Does ANYONE else see the problem here? Thank you, Mr. King, for your tireless effort, determination and courage to stand up to these bastards.....We lose more freedoms EVERYDAY as the minutes pass but often people have their blinders on, are plugged into something else via cell/computer/iPad/iPod that they FAIL to REALIZE what is happening right next to them and how it AFFECTS US ALL....Pay ATTENTION, STAND UP, SPEAK UP and DEMAND RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT and ANSWERS...Things only CHANGE when the tough times are highlighted, broadcasted and spoken about....Question Authority, Law, Policy, and Procedure NOW, always and ForEver~

Christopher King said...


This is so wrong on so many counts, and what really sucks more than the bad LE is the shit-assed media who fail to cover these events.

Fucking puppets on a string, I hate them.