20 October 2011

KingCast applauds James Renner and those who still seek Justice in the disappearance of Maura Murray!

 The more I look at this case the more convinced I become that Maura was meeting someone in New Hampshire.

Whoever called her cell phone the day she disappeared dinged a cell phone tower in the southeastern part of New Hampshire, possibly near Rt. 93. She either knew someone around there or someone was traveling toward her to meet up with her. At least that's how I read this discovery.

Well folks are still searching for the answers and agreeing with me that Trooper Tood Landry -- the very same Statey who criticized Bruce McKay for his Hillwinds exaggeration and meltdown that I noted in prior litigation with the Town of Franconia -- may have some probative information that has not been adequately addressed: http://mauramurray.blogspot.com/2011/10/search-warrant-and-what-it-implies.html
Imagine that in New Hampshire, willya?
As a former LE Attorney I am almost shocked.

But not quite.
-The KingCaster.

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