19 October 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies tell Francis J. Bevilacqua: "Blame it on the corrupt bankers, bro... and start occupying Wall Street and Boston!"

As noted in the Bloomberg feature, the SJC is Doing the Right Thing  in Francis J. Bevilacqua v. Pablo Rodriguez, SJC 10880. The first shoe already dropped with Ibanez and this is the logical follow up, it is the Civil equivalent of Fruits of the Poisonous Tree. And the blame lies squarely on the greedy and too-often morally aberrant banking and mortgage industries and complacent lawmakers who let them get away with it. Actually I have some blame as well because I closed some of these deals, I apologize and repent. Hence the Mortgage Movies journal. Here I am yesterday in Nashua, NH meeting with Detective Alex Gorman on some mortgage wire fraud forgery mortgage fraud issues as I note that not one manager or big brass has been charged with any crimes for forgery or robo-signatures. Here is my Occupy New York/Occupy Boston coverage.

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