14 October 2011

KingCast and Giorgio Armani present: Rafa Nadal as Euro power model.

That he is, tennis' own legendary Mr. Hardbody. It will be interesting to see how well he can stand up to the tremendous amount of torque he generates on the ball versus someone like Federer who just flows like water.  I've never seen Rafa play in person, but that will change in the next year for certain. Now as to the video itself, it's great and you can hear my favorite club music in the background, vintage speed garage circa 1997. The only thing is, I expected him to come up the service elevator and head into a club, I'm sure they were playing with us on that one, a nice video drop shot. 

Related: KingCast tennis tips -- how to win when you lose. I wonder if I could even take one point of of Rafa, maybe he would sneeze at the wrong moment or something and frame a ball, LOL. Or instead of the grass court/clay court experiment I could play on clay and his side would be broken shards of glass and he would play in flip flops. I might take a game or two that way.....

Unrelated: No offense Rafa but I'm old school, McEnroe is still my favorite, but tennis was different back then. Very different.

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