27 October 2011

KingCast and Chris King's First Amendment Page are going up' the Country again and questioning Google Page Rank vis a vis Producer Dorothy Aufiero and Mortgage Movies Journal.

Google "Dorothy Aufiero producer" and my Mortgage Movies journal comes right up on the first page, it leads you to this seminal journal entry. But Hither Chris King's First Amendment Page? The identical story is feature there and probably posted there first, at 7:50 a.m. I do it that way on purpose. Also, the First Amendment page is at least 5 years older then Mortgage Movies and contains dozens more references to her. Ultimately that directly affects page rank, mine is at a not unreasonable 4 but I believe it should be higher than that. Strange. Anyway Liko Kenney's lawyers and I are going up the Country this weekend for some fact-gathering as done here, here, and here. I love going up the Country!


Anonymous said...

Came up 2nd for me.

Christopher King said...

28 Oct update:

This journal entry seems to have cured that problem.

But how many others are out there?