08 October 2011

Hey KingCast, who is writing the book about International felon, Columbia adjunct and eMusic CEO Adam Klein and the gaggle of feckless lawyers who screwed over Klein's disfavored daughter, who now calls him a "deadbeat scum of the Earth?"

Another Question: Why is the Triumph here?
Answer: Because unless by Tuesday morning I see another tweet from Adam Klein's daughter that her daddy is no longer a "deadbeat scum of the Earth" sorta' guy it will carry me directly from my girlfriend's place straight up FDR and into the Ivory towers at Columbia to ask a few questions. 
Answer on the book: I don't know. I do know that I have emails between someone who interviewed Adam Klein and who told me that "the tone of the interview changed markedly after I asked him about being a political asylum person out of South Africa." Well that's because he wasn't a political asylum person, but if you read the thumbnails you'll see he was however AWOL from Boumat, Ltd during a disciplinary hearing and fired for theft/fraud/embezzlement though, read this recent journal entry.

As to folks writing books, they always consult with Yours Truly in some fashion or other, first Casey Sherman ("King gave me documents when the trail ran cold" and with retired LE Brad Whipple "refused to let the case die) watch the book launch video folks) for Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" involving Liko Kenney, Greg Floyd and Norman Bruce McKay. Read the seminal post on that here. Now there is a book being written about the Maura Murray disappearance, with the writer thanking me for producing the Todd Landry Affidavit regarding cell phone tracking. Now then, back to would-be Spotify contender and good parent pretender (with his other daughter of course) Adam Klein: First Klein fucked Daralyn Khan, then Jeffrey Denner fucked her (while representing her) and in between it is possible that Eric Karp fucked her and her daughter in a more figurative sense by using arguably ambiguous language in the child care settlement agreement that Klein followed for several years before becoming a "deadbeat." 

However, there is also the compelling argument to be made: Adam Klein's lawyers, the well-heeled and well-connected firm of Lee, Levine & Bowser (who helped Spencer Kagan in his ascension to the bench amidst at least one ethics/malpractice complaint) just instructed their client to start paying 2/3 of that amount because they knew they had the Judiciary, including Kagan -- now forcibly recused -- in their pocket. Whatever the case I'm just waiting for the malpractice case to be called over in Woburn so I can break out whatever Canons I'm running with that day so I can shoot myself one helluva movie!

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