04 October 2011

Hey KingCast it's 6:30... you're gonna be late to the Tom-Tom Club/Psychedelic Furs Concert at the Fillmore East.... err.... Irving Plaza

Upcoming link to flickr pics will be here, video later today. Well I made it on time, but alas I had not called ahead to secure my media presence inside so I checked the 60D danced that mess around a bit with all the other old fokkers and didn't much bother with phone video, got a little poor quality video and some stills come but the fun video was meeting TTC's keyboardist Bruce Martin's parents. TTC was a blast and Richard Butler displaye timeless energy as he and the boys and gal kept us captivated for an hour of jams. Video later today, Happy Birthday Bruce!

Note that TTC plays with Gang of Four and Devo, two of my other favorite rock bands of all time; the sound man was sporting a DEVO shirt last night we had a good laugh.
Psychedelic Furs.
Tom-Tom Club.

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