18 October 2011

As KingCast/Mortgage Movies heads off to Nashua PD today remember this: There have been zero prosecutions of corporate officers for forgery or robo signing mortgage documents.

So yes I am headed in to speak with Sergeant Gorman today about the forgery noted in the above videos that AG and now Senator Kelly Ayotte ignored, and continues to ignore since 2003 folks. The last video is me in her office this past June and she still failed to address it, so what kind of charade is this that we, the taxpayers, are living in? Anyway, seriously, I forgot about that headline fact today as I was chatting with an area criminal defense attorney, who shall remain nameless but he  brought it all right back home as we discussed the Occupy Boston and Occupy NYC etc. movements as s/he wrote:

"There have been NO prosecutions of corporate officers and organizational/corporate defendants in all the robo signings."

That kind of says it all right there, doesn't it? Want more take a look at my Ethics Complaint at the notarized affidavit link involving Judge Diane Nicolosi and Shawn Masterson - Wells Fargo after I got him on courtroom video testilying. I see ordinary folks go to jail for forging a goddamn $100 check, meanwhile these folks are responsible for forging documents involving home sales without recompense. Frankly it's disgusting and while I simply don't have the time to devote to continued coverage of the Occupy Movements, I was prescient enough to know that they were and are quite substantial in their significance and caught the inception of both and I will return to the battlefront sometime soon. What I do know is that anyone who claims that the protesters are not focused or in any way incoherent is full of shit. Any apparent lack of coherence occurs because of the magnitude of the deceit and corruption that they are trying to address in the first place. 

Meanwhile ponder the foreclosure situation of Ron Dziewit, the West Norriton Man who will not be charged for his standoff.  Watch his video..... he is a Veteran who tried to do the right thing but who was facing the scumbag law firm of Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg, who unlawfully called the police on an innocent homeowner and Yours Truly got that on video. So naturally I sent Mr. Dziewit this case showing how Phelan Hallinan and Citi got spanked by the Administrative Process in a foreclosure action, Citi v. Paules York Cty. 2011-SU-1542-06. I'm going to say it right up front: Some of these courts and judges might as well be getting direct payments from the banks for all of the "Justice" that they dispense. And that is precisely what the 99% ers are all about. We may be tired, but we are indefatigable.

PS: They came and took this man's guns but what about putative murderer of Liko Kenney Greg Floyd, known to be in violation of 18 U.S.C. §922(g)(1) forever? I went to the U.S. Attorney on it so many times I wore a path in the hallway for Pete's sake.


Christopher King said...

This is where I got the drop on the Highly-Esteemed Senator from New Hampshire:

What can the police possibly say?

"No it's not a forgery"

"It is permissible to forge your signature."

I mean WTF it wasn't rocket science when I told her about it back in theDay so when I get salty about it I'm not going to take any shit from anyone, fuck it, she's wrong.




-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Also NPD can't tag me for Statute of Limitations when it's not my fault they didn't do anything the first time I complained of this!