31 October 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies commences ethics complaint against foreclosure mill Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg for calling police on homeowner and media and lying about it.

Read the Baum Law Firm post below here: And I included the John Perseo letter to Senator Menendez hereIn the picture the LE is calling Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg and telling them "We don't know what the fuck is going on because no one is answering the door." All because of KingCast/Mortgage Movies and my trusty little Canons. A lot of major press hates me because they lack the cajones, knowledge, liberty or general fortitude to do what I do, well that's unfortunate but also not my responsibility or fault. I just call a spade a spade. The work continues unabated with this efax submission. They are in district 3B, certified mail goes out today.

Looks like the Baum Law Firm is giving out Tricks instead of Treats, mocking homeowners and ignoring their own fraudulent foreclosures.

First dig the Preliminary efax Complaint to the New Jersey Bar Association on Foreclosure Mill Phelan Hallinan & Schieg. They are in district 3B, certified mail goes out today. I got them so good that Senator Robert Mendendez' Office refuses to respond to me because they know an honest response would put these guys under, and I shouldn't have that kind of power. Read the John Perseo letter to Senator Menendez hereBut alas, they can't stop me from telling it, and what it is.... is that the LE in the picture is calling Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg and telling them "We don't know what the fuck is going on because no one is answering the door." All because of KingCast/Mortgage Movies and my trusty little Canons.

Screw these guys anyway they are paying $2M for fraudulent conduct in the first place as seen above via US AG Preet Bharara. Read today's NYTimes Op-Ed piece "What the Costumes Reveal" by Joe Nocera. I wrote him today and I will pay a visit to the Baum Law Firm, the same firm that the U.S. Trustee slammed for false documentation just like the rest of the foreclosure mills. Heck M&T bank administers the pension funds for MD try getting a fair shake there against someone like Thomas P. Dore, search his name on this journal more on that soon. But the way these big firms treat solo attorneys and their contempt for them, I know it well because I have had big shot lawyer Luis Alcalde stick his stubby little fingers in my chest to goad me into a fight after a Depo. I wisely passed on that but you can read more about him in the No Child Left Behind public information request.
Joe thank you so much for running those photos. We need responsible journos like you who will stop protecting these beasts who basically put a poop-stain on all of corporate America. I wrote for the Indy Star before law school. I was also a licensed Title Insurance producer and I am posting your editorial today. Meanwhile watch this:

Phelan Hallinan Schmieg ethics breach: They called cops on media & homeowner, lied about it.

And yesterday's update from Boston via Oakland:
For Scott Olsen: Occupy Wall Street, Boston, Oakland and the World!

Give a holler for lunch I'm in NY all the time.

Christopher King, J.D.
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http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit

30 October 2011

Folks in Vermont learning about Senator Kelly Ayotte's web of lies and deceit in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

No I am not going to publish the IP addy but it is clear that people are reading up on the lies and deceit of Senator Kelly Ayotte like there is no tomorrow, and it's not just these folks, every few days I see similar searches from all across the Globe:Selectronics Corp. () [Label IP Address]    2 returning visits

KingCast says "It's autumn in New York!".... err... I mean winter in New York but whatever.

Because man does not live on activism and motorcycles alone :)

28 October 2011

KingCast Occupy Boston Update with Oakland Police Brutality Commentary on Scott Olsen. Occupy the World!!!

Saturday afternoon by 3:30p movie folks. The People will Triumph over crime.
For now enjoy the stills.
Note how Big Brother was all set to check me if I wheelied that light.

Background journal entry.

Did Judge Jon Stafsholt violate Due Process against Terry Dean Nemmers/ArrestaJudgeKit with a post facto Order of Detention and Search Warrant?

Apparently yes:

31 Oct 2011 
9:45a EST: I received a telephone call from Court Deputy Jenny who verfied "no prior warrant." 

Oh boy... now the picture comes into focus.... read the emails below:

"C'mon guys don't any of you have the fucking balls to write something?"


You just sit there as journos and do nothing in the face of what appears to be clear cut Constitutional violations?

Hey KingCast how can I be cool like you and Steve McQueen?

August 2012 update: I chatted up some folks buying a 2012 Steve McQueen Bonneville while I was at Second Wind BMW Triumph yesterday for plugs, air filter and brake pads on my '02 Sprint ST 955i (a/k/a "Bessie") and mulling over my next bike. The Short list includes the BMW F800 ST and the Triumph Tiger 1050 (this will probably be a cash deal so no new bike indebtedness). But lo and behold, in another price range but also on the short list: 

The Triumph Thunderbird. This was my demo bike for the day and let me tell you it might not be a Diavel, but it is a very sporty cruiser and I think it looks better for sure. It has great suspension, brakes, balanced chassis and turns in with the quickness (almost too quickly a few times LOL) and is supremely comfortable. And it evokes all the passion that is somewhat lacking in the 955i unless you are really wringing the snot out of it.
And I've always been a sucker for a parallel twin. Video coming soon.

Well... you can't. But you always ride a Triumph and imagine, LOL.
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Related: The 2012 Triumph Bonneville Steve McQueen Tribute bike.
Related: The Tao of Steve..... a KingCast ode to Steve McQueen. Now, see this post was funny because of the crossing guard who did a double take after he told the current owner of Mr. McQueen's '85 911 Carrera and me to "move it along."
"But Sir that's Steve McQueen's car."
"Oh.... O.K."
Dude was like, my bad, hootlarious.

KingCast Kitty still sitting pretty.

1/125 @ 6.3 @ 75mm 
Part one.

KingCast celebrates NH Stop Judicial Child Abuse journal!

Well as Unethical Attorney journal informs, thank goodness the Citizens of New Hampshire will soon be in a position to be enlightened on the true nature and extent of abuse that too many members of the New Hampshire judiciary are meting out to innocent victims in many areas of law, including mortgages, where NH steadfastly continues to buck the National trends, check the Jeanne Ingress case with Brian Masterson, Esq. and Judge Diane Nicolosi. 

I have a long and documented history of helping children so stay tuned folks, because in addressing child abuse as seen from one of my first KingCast movies, above. And even they politics kept us from getting all kinds of contracts in BPS, they can't keep us from doing what we are about to do now. So read these links closely and stay tuned folks, because we've got a really big sheeeew......

27 October 2011

KingCast and Chris King's First Amendment Page are going up' the Country again and questioning Google Page Rank vis a vis Producer Dorothy Aufiero and Mortgage Movies Journal.

Google "Dorothy Aufiero producer" and my Mortgage Movies journal comes right up on the first page, it leads you to this seminal journal entry. But Hither Chris King's First Amendment Page? The identical story is feature there and probably posted there first, at 7:50 a.m. I do it that way on purpose. Also, the First Amendment page is at least 5 years older then Mortgage Movies and contains dozens more references to her. Ultimately that directly affects page rank, mine is at a not unreasonable 4 but I believe it should be higher than that. Strange. Anyway Liko Kenney's lawyers and I are going up the Country this weekend for some fact-gathering as done here, here, and here. I love going up the Country!

Senator Kelly Ayotte joins KingCast, Marvin Gaye, Todd Rundgren, Flame and Occupy Wall Street to meet up for a jam session!

From the "Todd Rundgren you are a bad, bad man" journal entry.
Flame said...
OMG LOL! So it was you who said Todd is the white Marvin Gaye. I was listening to Black Maria, and that phrase popped into my head. I knew I read it somewhere, so I Googled it, and sho' nuff, there you were. Todd is underrated IMO. I never knew of another person of color who appreciated Todd like I do. Nice to see this here. I've been checking in on your blog ever since I tripped over it while following all the OWS coverage.Holy shit and you're from Ohio, that's even funnier....Cleveland Heights sister!

Keep checking hope you enjoyed yesterday's movie with Senator Kelly Ayotte stammering when the Occupy movement was raised by a little old lady.
Many times people of color are reluctant to embrace "white" musicians, even when those white musicians have a history of working with musicians of color.... and vice versa. It's all so stupid, there is so much good music and love to go around. Sing it again, Todd I'm gonna re-up on it, my favorite Todd Rundgren song of all time, hands down, Love of the Common Man.

26 October 2011

KingCast gives daps to Howie Carr for today's journal entry "In the Bag."

What? After helping Joanna Marinova find counsel to fight the Boston Herald on her valid Defamation claims, and after telling Carr and Michele Mcphee that they are both racists after Mcphee called Chuck Turner a racist? Well sure. The point is that I give credit where credit is due and Carr was pretty much on point today in his scathing commentary about our Judiciary although I definitely disagree with his proportions of 5%-95%.... I will not say where I place the value. Anyway, the one more thing I will say however is that Howie not every lawyer gives a shit about making $3-400K, I've been quite happy making a quarter of that. Some of us only want Justice and integrity. Now then Howie if you really want to get after a case, get after International felon, Columbia J-School prof and eMusic CEO Adam Klein screwing the hell out of his daughter while the Court helps in every way possible. Watch the video shot at Columbia this month.

KingCast says OMFG Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD file 11th hour 28 U.S.C. 455 Motion to Recuse Judge John McConnell in 2010-CV-501.

BTW I am in touch with some folks who have been watching my journals for some time now. Some of these folks have substantial LE experience. Much much more to come.

The Upshoot:
1. Motion Denied. (paraphrase from notes but very close) "I hold no opinion, animosity or preconceptions about the matter... there is no appearance of impropriety... Senator Ayotte exercised her Constitutional duties as I will exercise mine. I will enter an Order later today denying the Motion for Recusal."

2. Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen to issue an Amended Pleading noting that I am not disbarred. This was in conjunction with a threat to go after me for sanctions and legal fees that has apparently been jettisoned after I noted that Attorney Cullen and/or client have recently been found to be in Contempt of Federal Court themselves. I say apparently because you never know with these bullies.

3. A Stay on further filings until or after a 5 Dec. 2011 Motion Hearing on the pending Dispositive Motions, at which point I will reassert the significance of the pending Motion for Mandatory Judicial Notice of Dave Ridley/Ridley Report wrongful arrest and acquittal and the Third Amended Complaint request noting the Defamation of Ayotte's Chief of Staff who claimed that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against her. That should provide independent grounds for litigation in and of itself.

My email to NH PD Detective Alex Gorman and several others on the willful failure of Defendant Ayotte to investigate the mortgage forgery wire fraud issue:

KingCast Opposition to Defendants' 11th hour 28 U.S.C. §455 Motion to Recuse Judge John McConnell
Newbies note that there is a hearing schedule for tomorrow in RI District Court.
The video is being filed as admission by Defendant Ayotte that she violated the law against Plaintiff in a Second Supplemental Hearing Memorandum in 5 minutes. As Bobby Knight said, I did not come here to get my ass beat. I came here to kick some ass.

I told them to go to hell because I had far more basis to demand Judge McCafferty's recusal because she used to work for the same sleazy law firm of McLane Graf as did Defendant Ayotte and my opposing counsel, NH Bar President Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton:

I emailed the first response:
I'll get back to you shortly. The fact that you all waited until the 11th hour to send this to me smacks of gamesmanship. As if none of you were aware of this Party-line Partisan vote (against Judge McConnell) from the get go. You guys think you're playing with an amateur don't you?

I will respond to you in an hour, or by 4:15 pm.

Do not, under any circumstances file anything with the Court until you hear back from me.

I am reviewing United States v. Evans, 262 F.Supp 2d 1292 (2003 and other cases in the interim.  Also attached I have provided a Second Supplemental Hearing Memorandum that I will be filing later today, and a comment-free YouTube link to a 50-second video in which Defendant Ayotte admits that her office should have taken action on my forgery complaint will be provided, along with a hard copy DVD for you immediately.

I emailed the second response:

It is now 4:19 I apologize so sincerely for being 4 minutes "late."

I have read enough to see that I am not in accord with your Motion not only because of United States v. Evans, but because you are estopped from arguing this point after you sat back on your hands and allowed the Court to issue two decisions in your favor.... now that you are worried that the Court has given you everything it is going to give you go Judge shopping.

I'm not down with that.

I had much more to go on with Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty working for McLane Graf and working next to and under NH Bar President Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton and not even mentioning it, as if I was some hayseed who never practiced in Federal (or any other) court.

From Evans, infra, in which a Defense Counsel himself -- once removed from Defendant Ayotte's Position as litigant -- wrote a letter in opposition to confirmation of a Jurist:

Even assuming (contrary to prevailing law) that an appearance of bias against an attorney is a sufficient basis for recusal, the grounds alleged in the motion would fall well short of the appropriate showing. Defense counsel has a First Amendment right to petition members of Congress and to suggest how they should vote on judicial nominees. But such communications "are probative of [an attorney's] dislike for [a judicial nominee], not the other way around." 17 Defense counsel's communications "may very well establish [his] feelings toward [the court], but they have "no tendency to show [the  [*1296]  court's] feelings towards" defense counsel. 18 The undersigned bears no animosity towards defense counsel for expressing his views.

File your motion and I shall file my Memorandum Contra the minute I see it posted on ECF and yes I will basically just use this email chain as my response.

See also Cheney v. United States Dist. Court, 541 U.S. 913 (2004). 
KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD NH 2010-CV-501 Second Supplemental Telephonic Conference Issue ...

25 October 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte stumbles over Occupy Wall Street, FRM Ponzi and Mortgage Fraud questions at Nashua Town Hall meeting.

I went to get an egg & eggplant sammitch at Clover today and caught the crew on my Galaxy S, I will be back with the Canon 60D soon :)
Fact: 18 June 2005 my first journal entry was on the Patriot Act. They call me Negrodamus.

Oh this is going to be one hell of a movie tomorrow. Kelly wants less regulation for big business but more oversight on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now that is fascinating considering the fact that she still hasn't addressed her failure to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage when I worked for a big company, all of which occurred while the FRM Ponzi mortgage consumer scam was brewing. Ayotte was found to be "faulty" on that, I have the whole file sitting on my desk waiting for this occasion. You'll see it in the movie. That little old lady near the front row gets it, why can't Kelly? You better click on that thumbnail to read her letter, I got it on video at 1080p 24fps.

Background video: Kelly Ayotte Town Hall #1 - -"She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit."

Background link: No prosecutions for big business on CDO/mortgage fraud or robo-signatures, also see my visits to Senator Ayotte's Washington, DC and Nashua Offices on the forgery matter. Each time I received a promise to investigate, just as I did tonight, only tonight was more exasperated because I went straight to the source.

KingCast reveals a likely Due Process violation against ArrestaJudgeKit - Terry Dean Nemmers in Pope County, MN... Unconstitutional Search and Seizure.

Here is part one. Where are the lawyers who are supposed to ferret out these issues and actually take a stand? I won't answer that, because the answer is obvious... it's called res ipsa loquitur.

KingCast says "Sweet Mother of Jesus, will the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation help Daralyn Khan and her daughter fight eMusic CEO Adam Klein and his well-connected lawyers?"

I hope so. I hope they read this too, and see how my movie at Columbia University Journalism School turned out. In my opinion all of the lawyers -- including her own -- are huddling together to keep her down. Note that Sulloway and Hollis are checking things out as well, check the picture downloads below....I wish a powerhouse firm would find her and help her because this case is so dirty and so out of hand it is unbelievable.
Sulloway And Hollis ( [Label IP Address]    8 returning visits

Ralph Holder, Michael Holman and KingCast expose more rogue lawlessness in NH, failure to turn over exculpatory evidence and dishonest Defense Counsel.

Here are some important background links that also show another father's plight. He's white, Mr. Holder, Michael Holman and I are all black, but at bottom New Hampshire treats us all like a bunch of niggers. Don't get made at me though, I'm just calling a spade a spade. Watch Mr. Holman's movie, showing how NH LE and Judges took his children from him in Washington State and delivered them back to a white drug-addled mother here in NH... who then almost killed the kid by allowing him to ride a bicycle without a helmet. And that's a fact, jack.

Watch for an updated Memorandum for the Court on my Free Press case because Attorney Brian Cullen -- who delved into ancient history and lied to the Court and stated that I was disbarred -- is dealing with some current history and a Rule 60b Motion for Mr. Holder to reopen his Civil case because somewhere between Attorney Cullen and his client they never delivered to him a copy of the goddamn medic report that proves he never assaulted his wife. NH LE, Guardian ad litem and Judges did then take that misinformation and use it to take his black child out of superior NH schools and place him in a dangerous neighborhood in with inferior schools in Massachusetts, and that's a fact, jack.

Mr. Holder -- himself a Senior Passport manager and former LE -- writes:
"Mr. King, The Rule 60 (b) Motion has been filed to reopen the case against the Town of Newton and its racist and rogue Chief of Police Streeter. He won't turn over the investigation into my claim the two officers who conducted the warrantless entry and arrest of false assault charges. The NH AG Delaney is trying to protect him with a bogus investigation. The local custodian of the EMT report that was suppressed and fraudulently concealed is also not responding to my RSA 91-A request.... 
May it Please the Court: I write to update my Telephonic Conference Memorandum to note that if Defense Counsel Brian Cullen is going to sit there and lie to this Honorable Court and state that I was disbarred relative to taping a landlord who called my client a "nigger lover" in 1996, then I am going to set the record straight and inform you that right here and right now, in 2011, he and his client have unlawfully withheld an EMT report against a black man named Ralph Holder that caused him to temporarily lose custody of his child, who was then sent to an inferior school in Massachusetts. This of Course is a complete violation of Brown v. Board of Education and Palmore v. Sidoti, two cases I learned about as a student and employee of Case Western Reserve University School of Law Constitutional Professor Edward Mearns. See Holder v. Town of Newton, 08-CV-197 JL. Now Your Honor you and I both know that a top-50 law school like Case Western Reserve doesn't graduate many dummies, and I certainly wouldn't consider either of us to be devoid of the intellectual capacity to see what's going on here: 

A patently disingenuous, insulting, bottom-feeding ad hominem attempt by Counsel for Nashua PD to discredit Plaintiff so that the Court refuses to grant a reasonable Third Amended Complaint showcasing Defendant Ayotte's Defamatory statement to the entirety of Congress while seeking money to defend this case that Plaintiff "filed frivolous lawsuits" as well as Defendant Nashua PD's ongoing pattern of harassment of independent journalists and citizens who video record the police. One victim, Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report has already been acquitted and the next one, Michael Gannon -- a prior victim of unlawful video confiscation by Nashua PD -- will most assuredly win in January, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

KingCast.net a/k/a
Issue Memorandum Supplement Dishonesty on the part of Nashua PD Defense Counsel Brian Cullen27 Oct 2011

KingCast: Catching up with Martha Coakley MGL §66-10 Request for Information on mortgage fines and bank check fees and U.S. Trustee Larry Sumski no-fee FOIA Request for journos.

Martha Coakley/Massachusetts Division of Banks issues, background:
1.  How much money in mortgage fines did you take in 2006 to present?
2.  What did you do with it, where was it allocated?
3.  Did the AG's office approve a 12% rate for Bank of America to charge to cash a $50 check?

As you can see, Attorney Coakley's office, by and through Attorney Abdeljaber, referred me to the Comptroller for both items. That will be interesting, as if the Comptroller has legal authority to set banking fees.
Outstanding FOIA request: For U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Larry Sumski to determine if or when his office has EVER challenged a proof of claim in the manner that many responsible Trustees are so doing. I doubt it because he is too busy calling me an "Internet cohort, watch the movie, which also exposes foreclosure mill attorney Thomas P. Dore, whose notaries are taking the Fifth (and possibly drinking fifths) like there's no tomorrow. Name-calling huh, how mature. Well I see that and raise him one: I call him a big banking tool, how's that Larry? Bottom line is that I am a journalist and journos get free documents. This one I will take to SCOTUS because Attorney Larry Wahlquist is oh-so full of it, especially in light of s849, the Open Government Act of 2007 and again in New Hampshire given Mortgage Specialists v. Implode Explode, duh.

24 October 2011

KingCast asks, "Where is the missing Terry Dean Nemmers/ArrestaJudgekit Search Warrant?"

Inquiring minds want to know! Apparently there are no such minds present at the local LE or media out there in Pope County, MN, but whatever, you'll have that I guess.

23 October 2011

KingCast presents: Dinner of Champions!

The Ten Bells: The best contribution the French have brought to the East Coast... c'est magnifique! :)

21 October 2011

KingCast says "Skate Away Bro!"

I just barely caught this cat out of the corner of my eye and had no time to adjust, I was shooting some sky pics so I was at like 7.1/100 or 125, something I never would have used here but oh well you know at least I got him :)

KingCast says "It looks like another Dog Day Afternoon!"

Hey KingCast what's up with Producer Dorothy Aufiero, writer Casey Sherman's screen adaptations and the Internet Mafia?

Answer: I don't know about the progress on the "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" screen adaptation (huge background post). I am not a consultant on that and I can only hope that things are progressing well on it. As to the Maura Murray investigation James Renner and others are liking my material and continuing to hope. Anyway as to the Bad Blood shootings, you see my summary in the movie at top, meanwhile we can look forward to a screen adaptation of Finest Hours as well as Deadline Hollywood reports that Disney has acquired the rights. Interestingly, my comment was removed from the Finest Hours story. Life is funny like that, in the modern era of the press we don't use traditional print methods that we used to use back when I cut and pasted with a damn exacto blade, but I am still the proverbial ink spot that some people want to erase. Now Casey Sherman, pictured with Yours Truly, right, and in this book launch video ("King provided documents when the trail ran cold") has noted in "Bad Blood" that I am a "Thorn in the side of NH Law Enforcement" but apparently it goes even further than that, so I think we should examine in fuller detail:

Roll Call - Emily Heil and editor Paul Singer served as mouthpiece for Kelly Ayotte's Chief of Staff John R. Easton who Defamed me as he sought legal defense money in a Free Press Lawsuit by stating that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against Kelly Ayotte. He had not one scintilla of evidence to support that statement. See yesterday's update on the John Easton profile and lawsuit, KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501. In the update you can read the Memoranda for next week's court hearing, noting my non-monetary and reasonable attempt to conclude the litigation when I was NENPA guest speaker at this year's Winter Conference and Trade Show.

Daily Kos - Reason given that I wrote too much about Kelly Ayotte's bogus criminal charges against me when I was NAACP Legal Chair, even though I was correct and it involved a First Amendment issue. Did I defame anyone or write anything inaccurate? Nope. A few folks understood and congratulated me, but they were overrun by tyranny of the majority. Markos Moulitsas BTW is a former CIA operative.

Firedoglake - No reason given, it was after I posted the Niggermania video after Niggermania said they supported Kelly Ayotte and Ayotte refused to decline their support. Firedoglake is connected with the same Internet mafia as Daily Kos. Worse yet, they even tell a bald-faced lie, as if I am going to actually delete my online commentaries from anywhere: "This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available."

Scribd - Jackass Jason Bentley removed a story (and my entire account on one alleged infraction mind you) that I helped edit BEFORE I could even issue my DMCA response to the guy known as "Bill Christy," who posed as a JAG Attorney, he was really a welder, ahem. The guy had written "Try Greg Floyd for Murder" and it is indisputable through emails that I edited the piece. So they favored a guy who impersonated a goddamn military officer over me, fascinating. For a time that was a crime until the Stolen Valor Act was repealed.

Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales - Refused to post valid and verified information about former NH AG and current U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte even though I used secondary sources that they regularly use.

Boston Middlesex Court - Judge Spencer Kagan is asking Jay Korff to ask me to remove material about him from my journal. I respectfully decline and offer more information and a new movie about eMusic CEO, Columbia Adjunct Professor and International Felon Adam Klein.

Boston Herald, Boston in General - I busted on the Boston Herald and WDHD Channel 7 for I know for fact that certain colleagues of mine can't be too closely associated with me.... or else!

Northeast Shooters - Banned me for my comments about a certain (now former) Revere, MA cop named Evan Franklin. Naturally I was right about him and now his ass is fired not long after I completed my 30+ video file from my daily HD video coverage of the Dan Talbot murder trial. I gave the American Public more stills and more video and more analysis of the issues in that case than any other media source regardless of size.

Wired Journalists - Application pending. I think I have earned admission and hope that they concur, I wrote Dan Kennedy about this a few days ago.

The uptake -- I average 300 hits a day, often from major press when they need information they can't get anywhere else. And my page rank is still at 4 despite all of these huge page rank boosters giving me the bum's rush, think about that. If they had not, it would surely be more like a 6. But it's not so much about numbers..... while I believe my site will continue to grow, I don't care if I write for 300 or 3, I'm going to keep on doing what I do and saying what I say and going into courtrooms with that 1080p camera and courtroom analysis and you know what? Because nobody else does it on a consistent basis around here. Now go ahead and prove me wrong.

So is KingCast the Bad Boy of the Internet, or is the Internet just a Bad Place to start with.....

Meanwhile over at Allemagne folks know I'm bringing the Real on the Kelly Ayotte Franconia shooting coverup with Liko Kenney, Greg Floyd and Norman Bruce McKay, they are particularly interested in Operation Greg Floyd: The documents I re-posted about Greg Floyd's background that Kelly knew about before she gave him a pass on murder charges -- and criminal menacing against Caleb Macaulay -- in 24 hours.
Deutsche Telekom Ag ( [Label IP Address]    2 returning visits

20 October 2011

KingCast applauds James Renner and those who still seek Justice in the disappearance of Maura Murray!

 The more I look at this case the more convinced I become that Maura was meeting someone in New Hampshire.

Whoever called her cell phone the day she disappeared dinged a cell phone tower in the southeastern part of New Hampshire, possibly near Rt. 93. She either knew someone around there or someone was traveling toward her to meet up with her. At least that's how I read this discovery.

Well folks are still searching for the answers and agreeing with me that Trooper Tood Landry -- the very same Statey who criticized Bruce McKay for his Hillwinds exaggeration and meltdown that I noted in prior litigation with the Town of Franconia -- may have some probative information that has not been adequately addressed: http://mauramurray.blogspot.com/2011/10/search-warrant-and-what-it-implies.html
Imagine that in New Hampshire, willya?
As a former LE Attorney I am almost shocked.

But not quite.
-The KingCaster.

KingCast says "Good Day Sunshine!"