04 September 2011

Where is the Sheriff video in the Terry Dean Nemmers ArrestaJudgekit Malicious Arrest?

3:10 p 9 Sept 2011 -- Just spoke with County Attorney, he's kind of a jerk, video coming soon.

"Well I'm not going to discuss that with some random person."

"Well Sir, I'm not a random person, I'm a former AAG and an investigative reporter..."

"Congratulations but I'm not discussing it with you."

Okay that's fine. Perhaps I'll make a visit out there to get him in 1080p KingCast vision telling me that at the Courthouse.


Here's a bit of background, more at his journal page. Guy comes in to complain about potentially unlawful activity, LE takes his video and arrests him or charges him with some bullshit trumped-up charges, nice. Same game as Nashua, NH PD, who have twice done it to Mike Gannon, the first time after being caught on video sticking a loaded shotgun in his face for no lawful reason and then after he taped two Detectives who were trash talking him. Small wonder Nashua, PD is running scared of KingCast video, ahem.

PS: You might know Terry Dean Nemmers ArrestaJudgekit work from his flyer encouraging former McLane, Graf Attorney Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty to recuse herself in my Civil case. Watch the 28 U.S.C. §455 movie here. Well guess what? She recused herself but it doesn't appear to show in the docket sheet. So what now, LaPlante it out because he's an Ayotte supporter, and McCafferty is out, so they give it back to Judge Barbadoro.... who already showed his bias by stating my Motion for Recusal was "totally baseless?" See I busted on them so hard by posting Her Honor's other recusals during the same time period for less cause. I love it when the haters show up and try to say I don't know WTF I'm talking about, they can kiss my ass hahahahaa.... I been knowing what I was talking about since before I left the AG's office and hung a shingle, just didn't have the Internet to show the bullshit when I was subjected to injustice. This case is going to cause such a stink in SCOTUS they would be wise to settle it, but if they don't I don't really care, I'll just keep making movies with my new and brilliant Canon 60D. KingCast and Bobby Knight: We're not here to fuck around this week... now you may be... but I am NOT.

PS: Now that she recused I should file another Motion for Disclosure so we can see how wrong she knew she was in the first place, ahem. I see the State of MN is taking a look, meanwhile I advise them to look at their goddamn video files and start producing.
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