01 September 2011

Nashua PD nol-pross Pam Reynolds bullshit Felony charges related to alleged video "wiretap" before the Judge takes the bench, they hate being in KingCast YouTube movies!

Movie: Tonight... late night or tomorrow, I have a shoot in Jamaica Plain right now and I'm late to that, and another Mortgage Movie tomorrow. That's Ms. Reynolds with counsel and boyfriend this morning, and the proof that Nashua PD reneged on yet another promise to Mike Gannon, which we discuss in video. When will the FBI step in?

Background "Quit the Bullshit" journal entry in the wake of the NH State v. Ridley and the 1st Circuit case of Glick v. Boston PD.  Nashua Pee Dee nol-prossed the Pam Reynolds felony "case" of tampering with evidence/interference with Police which was a ridiculous charge anyway. Now on to the resisting arrest bullshit.... thing is, while you have no right to resist an unlawful arrest in NH (Live Free or Die anyone?) the problem is that they never told her she was under arrest before she started walking away when they body-slammed her, put knee to her back and maced her.

"They sandbagged [King]," said Defense Counsel Steve Maynard to co-Defendant and citizen videographer Mike Gannon.  "They got the deal in before the Judge got to the bench because they didn't want to be on YouTube."

Yeah they hate the sound of my gat that's for sure, but I love cracking 24fps 1080p video or 5 Hi-Res frames per second of them almost as much as riding a bike or having sex. I live for this shit. Click-click-click-click.... shoot 'em right upside the fucking head, straight to YouTube LOL. Wait for the misdemeanor trial in December, or Mike Gannon's trial in October, ahem. I still got some decent stills and video (including the agreement where Mr. Gannon's truck was supposed to be returned to him) but I left my card reader in Boston so I'll be back around noon and start crafting a movie that should air by 4 or 5p depending on whether I treat Bessie to an oil change.


Anonymous said...

Why do you say there is no right to resist an unlawful arrest in NH? is there a specific law that forbids that?

TW said...

Remember after the Patriot Act was passed, the govt said essentially "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about when we do a cavity search because we have the guns and handcuffs..."

It's a two way street big brother..

Christopher King said...

8:58 -- That is the Decisional Law, which contrasts that of the law of Ohio where by buddy Regina told a jackass cop where to get off in State v. Sansalone.

5:04 -- Correct.