22 September 2011

Landya B. McCafferty finally issues appropriate recusal Order after KingCast files Interlocutory Certification Request to Judge Paul Barbadoro in free press racial case, McLane Graf Kelly Ayotte undue influence appearance of impropriety.

Well well well... what have we here?
It has been quite some time since Landya B. McCafferty recused herself from this case.... but we may never know when that actually happened because it was just an unofficial notation in the file that no one would have seen unless they went to file something. We do know that it was at least three (3) weeks ago though because I noted it back on 4 Sept 2011. You see, after I bitched about it for several weeks and Demanded that Judge Barbadoro Certify his unofficial Order denying the KingCast Motion to Vacate Judge McCafferty's Order, presto there it is. Better late than never I suppose... LOL. You haters note that Her Honor correctly referred to me as "Christopher King, Esq." So funny whenever I pop up folks want to say I don't know WTF I'm doing but yet they got and get the most powerful lawyers they can find, including the current NH Bar Association President to defend the case. American Tower Corp. tried that with Former Mass Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand, and although Judge Reginald Lindsay allowed spoliation and destruction of evidence they still had to pay us more than they wanted and when they screwed up and violated the terms of the Settlement Agreement I got to repost the "American Lawyer" video at KingCast.net depicting the unlawful firing after I demanded overtime for my trainees and was labeled a "Dangerous Black Man." The relevant docs are all still linked in this journal, natch. The U.S. Legal System is largely corrupt and marked by undue influence, shocker.

Now, then what about the Certification for my Interlocutory Appeal?

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