04 September 2011

KingCast you trading in the Triumph for a BMW F800 ST or the Lobstermobile?

It's an age-old dilemma, or at least as old as the first year of production for the BMW: Which is the better bike, the Triumph Sprint 955i or the BMW F800 ST, which I deemed "the perfect motorcycle" in this Wagner BMW video. Here's my buyers guide to the Triumph. Basically if you want to boil it down, I've got the motor and he's got the suspension. Some folks complain of bad shakes on the BMW but the ones I rode didn't exhibit them. Both have good enough brakes, slight edge to the Beemer. Both have great chassis but the Triumph does feel a bit more top heavy. I do think the Beemer is a better bike for Boston though, because the roads are so shitty in general. So I have the answer: I'll switch to the Lobstermobile.... it's biodegradable and has pretty snappy acceleration, I'm sure :)

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Christopher King said...

Basically every time I think about switching to the BMW I think about the sound of that damn Triumph.... and I say no.

And to me the BMW does sound pretty cool actually, it's just the nothing sounds like a triple. The Benelli triple sounds even sportier than the Triumph.