13 September 2011

KingCast update: CVS is still giving six (6)-year employee Jenn Craffey the runaround on her personnel file.

Just breaking the law at will, what a bunch of Corporate fucktards. As of Wednesday 14 Sept. 2011 1:35p no word that CVS has provided Jenn Craffey her file, and I would be the first to know if they had.  That's okay. We will get the DOL to obtain a copy if they want to play this game we will kick their ever-loving asses at it, and run a 1080p movie on it to boot. Another one for the Nigger Justice Chronicles. In today's America even white girls are niggers, interesting.

15 Sept. 3:15p -- Ms. Craffey telephoned to let me know someone from HR told her that they asked her to fill out  a new hire packet this year after six (6) years on the job pursuant to some NH Statute. We are awaiting production of said statute to review it.  And finally, they claim to be placing the personnel file in the mail today. Really? Why did it take a video visit from me, more threatened video visits, and 5 or 6 conference call speakerphone attempts to break free the Holy Grail that should have been provided to her three (3) whole months ago? I smell a rat, stay posted.


Justice J said...

Yes, still waiting to hear that the personnel file is available to be picked up. Not holding my breath on that one since only God knows when they are going to actually provide me with something that is so simple. I guess not for them though. Perhaps they cannot understand the concept of LAW. Nice to know that this company which prides itself on keeping people healthy refuses to actually do what by law they should be doing. Really? I know I am not the first person to be treated so horribly by this company. Way to make sure employees are able to take care of their health. Sorry if that wasn't in their gameplan but I have every right to make sure I am able to take care of myself. 6 Years of hard work and dedication to a company that treats its employees so badly. Such a sad day and when the time comes, cannot imagine what their answers will be. Absolutely sickening that company profits are all it comes down to. That is fine to because in the end the truth will come out and those who have done wrong will have to face the consequences. I can tell you right now, it is not gonna be pretty, folks!

Christopher King said...

Fuck 'em, too late.

I told her to start looking for lawyers and I will contact some lawyers I know in the area, folks who routinely win $1M verdicts.


Christopher King said...

19 Sept. 2011 update:

1. Still no personnel file, I believe they promised an overnight to arrive Satty, 17 Sept. while I was here in NYC documenting the Occupy Wall Street activities.


2. So here is the Statute that they claim compelled them to ask her to refile a new hire packet:




Payment of Wages

Section 275:49

275:49 Notification, Posting, and Records. – Every employer shall:
I. Notify the employees, at the time of hiring of the rate of pay, and of the day and place of payment;
II. Notify his or her employees of any changes in the arrangements specified above prior to the time of such changes;
III. Make available to his or her employees in writing or through a posted notice maintained in a place accessible to his or her employees employment practices and policies with regard to vacation pay, sick leave, and other fringe benefits;
IV. Furnish each employee with a statement of deductions made from his or her wages under RSA 275:48 for each pay period such deductions are made;
V. Keep posted in a place accessible to his or her employees an abstract of this subdivision furnished by the commissioner which shall include information about the criteria for classifying an employee as an employee or as an independent contractor; and
VI. Make such records of the persons employed by him or her, including wage and hour records, preserve such records for such periods of time, and make such reports therefrom to the commissioner, as the commissioner shall prescribe by regulation as necessary or appropriate for the enforcement of the provisions of this subdivision.
Source. 1935, 69:3. RL 212:40. RSA 275:49. 1963, 237:3. 2007, 135:1, eff. Aug. 17, 2007.


Frankly I don't see the nexus between that Statute and their actions. If they lost the file and need to recreate it then do so with a backdate and have Ms. Craffey acknowledge the backdate via initials.

That would of course be sloppy administration and potentially violative of local state and federal law if such were the case.

Remember, I worked in the Employment Services section at the AG's Office and my mother retired as an HR Specialist at GE, one of the biggest companies in the goddamn World.

Whatever the case, I smell a rat.


Christopher King said...

Oh Good Lord, the Quest for Holy Grail continues.....

20 Sept 10:20 a.m. and still no file. They say it is coming today in two packages.... speaking of package, I wonder when they will be finished giving Ms. Craffey the High Hard One?

And as to that Statute, the Jury is still out on that matter, she spoke with other employees who never were asked to fill out that form.

It's a matter for the DOL to sort out, I'm not sure either way but it sure sounds funky.