16 September 2011

KingCast tells douchebag "Mike"..... Alyssa Giacobbe and Boston Magazine are running a story on the Quincy cocaine road rage case.

Update 7 October 11:47a.
This sack of shit called me again despite explicit warnings not to. Now I will contact 
my LE buddies and find out where that private number he is now using goes to. 
Is this you home boy?
I'll find out.

Yah Mike, you hateful idiot, you keep on calling me asking what my interest is in this case and trying to pretend to be a bike buddy telling me to dump the Triumph for a Jap bike and blah blah blah....  well guess what? I still don't want a Jap bike and, ummmm.... watch the news stands fool. The story has already gone to print and Ms. Giacobbe and I are pretty much the only two indie journos out here following this case. Mad daps also to the folks at Patriot Ledger for the recent updates on Uncle William's case. Yah "Mike" you don't mind it when that nasty is exposed on the O'Connell family but you hate it when I expose the druggie dealings of Joey Fasano don't you?
A good background post.

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Christopher King said...

30 Oct. 2011:

Still at it asshole?

Still looking for a disbarment letter that doesn't exist?

I'll be in touch with the police again today regarding my complaint against you.

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