11 September 2011

KingCast tells CVS Corporate: Give Jenn Craffey her goddamn personnel file right now, before I start making more videos about you.

You want the updated journal entry? Here it is.

13 Sept Update:
Ms. Craffey and I have telephoned 1.800.shop.cvs and Craig Albers, pictured above told us to do. The couldn't do shit, so they sent us to 413.536.3886 and they in turn shuffled us to 401.77.1500 the corporate office where noting works when you click the numbers and there is no attendant to answer your call when you press zero. What we did learn from the first number is that Craig Albers is a goddamn liar: There is no need to go through corporate to get the release of the personnel file "cleared." And that is what the goddamn law tends to say as well. Time for me to find this woman -- a six (6) year employee -- a lawyer. Remember, they tried to get her to fill out a "New Hire" packed when she returned from disability so they could divest her of tenure then shit can her. What bunch of fucktard bastards.

So it is now 10:13 a.m. and after an hour of solid phone calls we have NOTHING. That's okay I'll have something for them, like another video. The last call was around 10a.m. when we were sent to yet another corporate number to someone in HR I believe her name was Christina. We left her a joint message indicating that the goddamn file needs to be ready TODAY. Keep on guys. I'll keep on too.
And don't try to make her fill out "new hire" paperwork when she returns from disability leave. That's all I need to say to you. I don't have to be nice, I don't have to be polite. But you do have to give her that goddamn file. Or else I will be back. And back again until the situation is resolved. And don't try to fade me or I'll send her over to the DOL and give you a taste of what American Tower Corporation got and I guarantee you don't want any parts of that.

Hell I will get a sleeping bag and a can of franks and beans and camp out in front of your store and shoot video every day if I have to but you will stop abusing this woman and violating New Hampshire Law in the very near future or I will put your ass on Main Street with the quickness.

13 Sept Update: I see you're watching (I am watching them watching me on Markosweb at 7:08 a.m. this fucking morning) so you'll be familiar with the issue when I telephone you this morning. Who knows, maybe the White House will start following this thread as they have been following the Gene Harris/Columbus School Board No Child Left Behind debacle.
15 Sept. 3:15p -- Ms. Craffey telephoned to let me know someone from HR told her that they asked her to fill out  a new hire packet this year after six (6) years on the job pursuant to some NH Statute. We are awaiting production of said statute to review it.  And finally, they claim to be placing the personnel file in the mail today. Really? Why did it take a video visit from me, more threatened video visits, and 5 or 6 conference call speakerphone attempts to break free the Holy Grail that should have been provided to her three (3) whole months ago? I smell a rat, stay posted.

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Christopher King said...

Christopher King to communitymailb., marketingsuppo., Jenn
show details 12:57 PM (0 minutes ago)
To all concerned:

I am an investigative reporter and former employment attorney for the State and in private practice. Now I made activist video.

Please provide Jenn Craffey her personnel file tomorrow.


Thank you.

Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit

Christopher King said...

Manager Craig Albers doing his best slim shady impression.

-The KingCaster.

Darrell Jones said...

From: Jenn Craffey
To: Manager Craig Albers
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4:03 PM
Subject: RE: Follow up for request of specific documents related to my employment with CVS/Caremark requested in June 2011


Just letting you know that I am still waiting on some documents that I requested pertaining to my time of employment and employee information while at #639 Cvs/Caremark. I did pick up some of the documents which were in an envelope that I picked up around June 24th during Amanda's shift. Enclosed in the envelope were the last 4 weeks of payroll that we are required to check and sign off on and also the break policy of our location of CVS/Caremark #639. I also had a note from you that said that some of the paperwork was there and the rest were waiting on HR approval. On the note it said feel free to contact you, so I am via email.

It is now mid-August and I am hoping that what I requested has been cleared by HR by now. Just to refresh your memory, I requested (1)the "New Hire" form I was asked to sign that stated my date of hire was 5/30/2011 and my rate of pay was $10.83, (2) my employee (#0489835) profile on any workbench/menu window that is accessible by any member of Store Management, including Shift Supervisors.. Additionally, I am requesting Store/Corporate policy requesting day off/vacation time, including the necessary timeframe and system for notification of approved/non-approved dates and any "couseling" papers regarding issues/procedures that were part of my employee file that bears my signature and that of a member of Management.

If you have any questions, I can be reached by leaving a voicemail at (603) 966-5425 or (603) 595-2649. When the requested paperwork is available, an email informing me is acceptable or a message via phone. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I ask these documents be available to be picked up by Tuesday August 23rd at 3:00 pm.

~Jennifer Craffey

Christopher King said...

Oh, he called us a bunch of fucktard bastards.....

Okay, just give her the file and there will be no need for any of this, yo.

Otherwise the movies will soon resume.....

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

19 Sept. 2011 update:

1. Still no personnel file, I believe they promised an overnight to arrive Satty, 17 Sept. while I was here in NYC documenting the Occupy Wall Street activities.


2. So here is the Statute that they claim compelled them to ask her to refile a new hire packet:




Payment of Wages

Section 275:49

275:49 Notification, Posting, and Records. – Every employer shall:
I. Notify the employees, at the time of hiring of the rate of pay, and of the day and place of payment;
II. Notify his or her employees of any changes in the arrangements specified above prior to the time of such changes;
III. Make available to his or her employees in writing or through a posted notice maintained in a place accessible to his or her employees employment practices and policies with regard to vacation pay, sick leave, and other fringe benefits;
IV. Furnish each employee with a statement of deductions made from his or her wages under RSA 275:48 for each pay period such deductions are made;
V. Keep posted in a place accessible to his or her employees an abstract of this subdivision furnished by the commissioner which shall include information about the criteria for classifying an employee as an employee or as an independent contractor; and
VI. Make such records of the persons employed by him or her, including wage and hour records, preserve such records for such periods of time, and make such reports therefrom to the commissioner, as the commissioner shall prescribe by regulation as necessary or appropriate for the enforcement of the provisions of this subdivision.
Source. 1935, 69:3. RL 212:40. RSA 275:49. 1963, 237:3. 2007, 135:1, eff. Aug. 17, 2007.


Frankly I don't see the nexus between that Statute and their actions. If they lost the file and need to recreate it then do so with a backdate and have Ms. Craffey acknowledge the backdate via initials.

That would of course be sloppy administration and potentially violative of local state and federal law if such were the case.

Remember, I worked in the Employment Services section at the AG's Office and my mother retired as an HR Specialist at GE, one of the biggest companies in the goddamn World.

Whatever the case, I smell a rat.


Christopher King said...

Oh Good Lord, the Quest for Holy Grail continues.....

20 Sept 10:20 a.m. and still no file. They say it is coming today in two packages.... speaking of package, I wonder when they will be finished giving Ms. Craffey the High Hard One?

And as to that Statute, the Jury is still out on that matter, she spoke with other employees who never were asked to fill out that form.

It's a matter for the DOL to sort out, I'm not sure either way but it sure sounds funky.