28 September 2011

KingCast says the Alyssa Giacobbe Boston Magazine story on the Marina Bay/O'Connell/Fasano/Bynarowicz scandal is now published, as promised.

6 OCT 2001 UPDATE: "Mike" I will find out who you are and the authorities will make you stay away from me and stop calling my number you fool.

Here's Alyssa's story.
Here's some back story.
I think the cocaine in the road rage case came from the Uncle. Alyssa and I have discussed this based on what Bynarowicz said to LE "You won't believe me (where I got it)..." And of course Fasano and Bynarowicz were never prosecuted for the "recreational cocaine." Watch the videos at the link, nice courtroom action.


Anonymous said...

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Christopher King said...

30 Oct. 2011:

Still at it asshole?

Still looking for a disbarment letter that doesn't exist?

I'll be in touch with the police again today regarding my complaint against you.

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