10 September 2011

KingCast presents: Orchids and other plants.... such as the new visitor at the Bruce McKay/Liko Kenney/Greg Floyd/Dorothy Aufiero movie.

Dude I have answered ALL of your questions as I get to them. You HAVE NOT yet responded to the LE question or the question about the slow motion view of Caleb and Liko reaching toward Floyd. And even if you were LE how or why would you assume that I would be biased? That is completely illogical given that I am former LE.

You are rambling now, trying to criticize Liko for not breaking the speed limit driving to his Uncle's.
Irony is, if he had have been speeding he might still be alive
Oh, yah....  Here is a seminal post for you newbies to read because it shows all of Kelly Ayotte's bullshit coverup in the Franconia shooting tragedy in alarming detail. Speaking of detail I will try to get up with the doorman if he's still around because he shoots Canon too, and he's got the 50mm 1.8 that I am about to buy. That would have dropped the iso on this shot to acceptable levels instead of using the 18-200 kit lens I'm rocking now.

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