26 September 2011

KingCast presents: Defender! The best video game, ever.

You boys and girls over 38 who ever spent time at an arcade or bowling alley growing up will remember this one.... I hadn't thought of it in years and something made me Google it and I found this video. I was a master at this game, I loved it because it was so fast-paced for its time and still great today. I wish they would make it again. Save your Smart Bombs!

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Christopher King said...

Defender is often described as one of the most difficult games in the industry.

GameDaily rated Defender the ninth most difficult game, citing the attack and rescue gameplay.[17] Author Steven L. Kent called it "one of the toughest games in arcade history". He also stated that novice players typically are able to play only a few seconds, and that enthusiasts saw proficiency at the game as a "badge of honor."

......Damn this game just rocked. I will laugh all day remembering the times we all spent at Defender games in high school and undergrad. Stargate followed but to me it sucked air. Nothing beats the original.