09 September 2011

KingCast presents Annisha at Astor Place: Real Hip Hop!

YouTube: AnnishaTV 
Annisha is a lovely young lady who keeps it real in The CIty. I found her as I was headed to the post office to serve an Affidavit of corruption and Breach of Ethics related to my Mortgage Movies website. On the anniversary of 9/11 we mourn the loss of life while celebrating the brilliance of the human spirit.

Well...... Chrysler's not doing so hot, but WTC, Trent Berry, Dagha and Yours Truly are rockin' out, three black men of poise, conviction and strength. Fine chocolates? Hell, we got your high-yella, your mocha and your dark all covered. Born ready, raised proud.

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CanonMan said...

Hey! I was the kid you met around here yesterday. I was looking through your informative videos on youtube, etc and I'm glad too see that there is activist like you around! I also find it kind of funny, that we share the same camera, as well as the same MacBook Pro!

I didn't actually know you were an activist until I stumbled upon your card, half wrinkled, while cleaning out my bag! I'm glad I did. Your videos are defintely something noteworthy.