11 September 2011

KingCast congrats to Sam Stosur and to Serena Williams!

Update: Mad daps to Krunk Feminist Collective, I minored in Feminist Jurisprudence at Case Western Law.I can hear it now, and in fact I did hear it from Mary Carillo, who said that "the correct decision was made" with respect to a questionable game default against Williams after she yelled "c'mon!" as she struck an inside-out forehand winner. John McEnroe disagreed and I tend to agree with McEnroe and here's why:

The ball wasn't playable. There was no way in hell Stosur was going to do anything with that ball and everyone knows it so the mere fact that it happened in the Bartoli match is not dispositive, it could equally be the case that two wrong calls were made. I don't know what the exact circumstances were in that match. Anyway here is the rule on intentional interference Now why am I congratulating Serena when she got spanked the same way she spanked Caroline Wozniacki last night? Because the Williams sisters have been victim of some of the most horrendous chair and line calls the World has ever seen, in the Clijsters and Capriarti matches, prompting an apology. But nonetheless Serena deflected all of the attention on this issue by politely and accurately stating, "It wouldn't have made any difference." And you can see she was still just happy to be there, as she apparently says to Sam "Damn girl what did you eat this morning!"
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PS: Dick Enberg, thanks for the memories.

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