13 September 2011

KingCast airs it out with "thetruthsayerofmn" regarding Terry Dean Nemmers repeated arrests while keeping one thing clear: Provide the goddamn video or STFU.

Update for a punk beyotch: To the "I told you so" plant "truthsayerfromn" Looks like the State admitted today that they have not provided the discovery as promised in either instance of Terry Dean Nemmers arrests. And they had to push back both Omnibus hearings for an entire month.... We're going to get to the Truth, same way I dusted the high-dollar lawyers for Senator Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD when I forced U.S. Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty to recuse herself from my Free Press racial lawsuit.... I then forced her to recuse herself the right way. As Bobby Knight put so eloquently, "I am not here to fuck around.... some of you may be... but I am NOT.... now I'm gonna fucking guarantee you....."

12:40p Update 16 Sept: Megabus sucks, no YouTube but this is what he wrote and my response: 
It's not hard to tell you are a former public attorney. You know how to sidestep the issues. You use the typical "Don't confuse me with the facts, I've got my mind made up." mentality. Tell ya what, let's see how this plays out and who will get to say "I told you so".
It's not hard to tell you are a punk. You never divulge your identity and my mind is made up on only two things that you refuse to address so let me provide them for you again you little plant:
1. The best facts, and the best evidence (think: Best Evidence Rule) is that goddamn video, that's all I want to see. I asked you before yes or no do you want the video to be shown and you sidestepped THAT.
2. Neil Nelson acted like a complete dick. I was a reporter since the 1980's interviewing LE and his response was complete bullshit. You have convicted Terry Dean Nemmers based on some other conviction he has that I would guess probably came from some interaction with LE in and of itself. Whatever his past is, all I was focused on was the present, so don't "sidestep it."
3. You mean "told you so" the same way that my friends at Justice for Kids and I are exposing the corrupt Columbus School Board while POTUS and staff read this journal? Is that what you mean, beyotch? Yeah I thought that's what you meant.

14 Sept: New video coming by 2:30p -- I might label it as part of the Nigger Justice Chronicles, because to my knowledge Pope County Attorney Neil Nelson still has not produced the video he claims to have that would pretty much put this matter to bed one way or the other.... including Terry Dean Nemmers/ArrestaJudgeKit's assertions that the State erased part of his video. It's not like it hasn't happened because it has happened. In point of fact the ACLU noted as much in Baltimore, MD so I'm not putting it past the LE in Pope County, either. This is simple: Here's your background, video of KingCast phone call to County Attorney coming tonight. As noted in the comment I just put up, "who is this individual?" I wonder about the true identity, I hope s/he is not another plant.
Hmmmm...... look below the fold as it seems I have some visitors, so early in the mawnin'.... lawdy lawdy what have we here.... is the massuh' worried about a slave rebellion or a journo asking a few questions? It would appear to be the case, who else gets up and starts reading an online journal at midnight and 6:00 a.m.? I'll let you know after I run a check on the IP addy's. Niggers done got smart now, not only can we read, we got hi-saddity educations, law degrees, government experience, computers and all kinds of 'lectronics and 1080p cameras these days!
-Nat..... a/k/a the spook who sat by the door.

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Christopher King said...

"Congratulations!" he says..... Oh yah, well I got your goddamn congratulations right here pal. So you want to play wise ass with me do you?

Well I just one-upped you pal, and I'll be sending this to every lawyer I can find in Minnesota. I will check you out on Lexis and send it to every lawyer I can find who ever opposed you.

Wise ass..... I'll show you wise ass.

-Nat Turner.


KingCast said...

All the guy had to say was

"We are complying with the discovery request and all video we have will naturally be provided to the Defendant because we have nothing to hide."

Then the movie would have reflected that.

But that's what he said and that's his own damn fault.


TW said...

they're not liking it when spotlight is on them. about to unleash some guerilla discovery myself. keep at it.