11 September 2011

KingCast 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary Reflections.

Ten years ago today my co-worker Tim and I were in Pittsburgh, chilling out on our front lawn chipping golf balls across the driveway and up the hill when we got a strange message from our boss. "Turn on your TV guys.... don't go downtown today just stick around the house."

Little did we know that would effectively be our last day of work on the CityNet dark fiber project because no one was going to give us clearance to enter their buildings to inspect riser spaces. In point of fact one of the planes that went down 80 miles away near Shanksville. Many years would pass and many theories would rise about what happened that fateful day and while I am not here to speculate on that directly all I will do is recall my Daily Kos journal entry "9/11 and the negative space" that I wrote before those asshats threw me off the board for complaining about Kelly Ayotte. Now they complain about Kelly Ayotte, fascinating it's like I'm Negrodamus. But of course if I really were Negrodamus I would have predicted 9/11 in the first place. Anyway here are some thoughts and images from NYC over the past year or two, with more here from the NYSE Poetry Slam! with Dagha and Yours Truly on the mic and camera.

YouTube: AnnishaTV 
Annisha is a lovely young lady who keeps it real in The CIty. I found her as I was headed to the post office to serve an Affidavit of corruption and Breach of Ethics related to my Mortgage Movies website. On the anniversary of 9/11 we mourn the loss of life while celebrating the brilliance of the human spirit.

Well...... Chrysler's not doing so hot, but WTC, Trent Berry, Dagha and Yours Truly are rockin' out, three black men of poise, conviction and strength. Fine chocolates? Hell, we got your high-yella, your mocha and your dark all covered. Born ready, raised proud.

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Christopher King said...

Read the Daily Kos article to see at the end where some asshole named Rita narcs on me for being a banned user.

But again, why was I banned in the first place?

Some people at Daily Kos did not agree with the ban, and stated simply that "his diary is his diary and he can write about the bogus case against him brought by Kelly Ayotte all he wants to."

The cases brought against me as NAACP Legal Chair were eventually dismissed (I had threatened to go public and have a police department sued for putting 3 loaded guns to a loitering black man and then visually body cavity searching him).

But again, why was I banned for talking about that?


Then Firedoglake -- another DK spinoff site -- banned me after I put up a video noting that Niggermania supported Kelly Ayotte in my Free Press racial lawsuit.


After all, that case has substantial steam behind it and I finally got Kelly Ayotte's buddy to recuse herself from the case, although she did it on the Down Low.

See the Niggermania movie and the recusal movies right here, folks.

You know that Markos Moulitsas was a CIA operative, right?

Some of those guys are completely full of shit.

-The KingCaster.