04 September 2011

Hey KingCast you're working too hard getting bad Judges recused, you need to chill out at JP First Thursdays with Deta Galloway and Heather Foxwell and Friends!

Well....ummmm... okay if you say so, I will grin and bear it.... and I was telling Heather, the Tele is by far my fave guitar, D Boon (RIP) knew what was up. Remember when Liz Phair used to be cool? Well I get to relive that now, with someone I actually know. What a gift =^.) 
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Related: The Gallery at the JP Music Festive website. I have more to come from Camera #2. After a meeting today at the sponsor Galway it is determined that we will have a Halloween party so I need to wrap a video soon. Hummelvision video to follow.

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Christopher King said...

PS: Heather's got more voice than Liz.