24 September 2011

Hey KingCast are you really moving to recuse Judge Paul Barbadoro from your Free Press racial lawsuit, KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501?

I believe so..... Enough is enough and I will explain later but for now start here with the back door Magistrate Landa McCafferty recusal, which His Honor had previously said was an "entirely meritless" argument on my part.  He did not say this through a former Order or Entry, however. I have not filed one single vexatious or Bad Faith pleading in this case. Now then proceed to the denial of my basic Right to file a Third Amended Complaint after the Nashua PD improperly applied the trespass statute against a fellow independent journalist Dave Riddley (himself following the case at bar) and tacitly admitted hatred for KingCast in the Mike Gannon arrest for videotaping LE. By granting a Stay urged by Defendants to shut me up, His Honor was once again showing his bias to protect Defendants. Then of course there is the well-reasoned Motion to Vacate Judge McCafferty's Report and Recommendations, seeing as I did actually prevail on the Motion to Recuse her that His Honor incorrectly said was was "entirely without merit." That Motion was denied -- again without formal Entry or Order -- prompting this Interlocutory Request to Certify the Record.

See also Richardson Securities v. Lau, 825 F.2d 647 (1987).

We believe that the district judge usurped power when she prevented the Laus from filing a motion for leave to amend their answer. Absent extraordinary circumstances, such as a demonstrated history of frivolous and vexatious litigation, see In re Martin-Trigona, 737 F.2d 1254, 1261-62 (2d Cir.1984), or a failure to comply with sanctions imposed for such conduct, Johl v. Johl, 788 F.2d 75 (2d Cir.1986) (per curiam), a court has no power to prevent a party from filing pleadings, motions or appeals authorized by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The actions of the district court effectively prevented the Laus from filing a motion for leave to amend. The refusal to permit a motion to be filed without a prior conference, followed by a failure to hold such a conference until nearly five months after one was first requested, and then by a denial of the motion for having been filed too late, are actions so "at odds with the purpose and intent of [the Federal Rules]," Padovani v. Bruchhausen, 293 F.2d 546, 548 (2d Cir.1961), as to warrant mandamus relief.5

KingCast: I'm not here for any bullshit.


Christopher King said...

You see ConLaw was the only pure "A" I earned in law school, after working for the ever-brilliant Ted Mearns.

I know it, live it, taste it, breathe it... I get it.

And they know I get it, that is why they always get the strongest front line assembly they can find to fight me, always a current or former Bar Association President like that jerk Richard C. Van Nostrand in MA and now Jennifer Parent (ex co-worker of Judge McCafferty and Kelly Ayotte) now.

Which brings to mind a funny question someone wrote the answer to a while back:

Q: What do you call a team of NH's most powerful attorneys vs. KingCast?

A: An even match.

I'm just here to try to take the Judiciary out of the equation, that tips the scales too far in their favor.


Michael Holman said...

New Hampshire and New England are nuts....I am finding that every complaint I send here recently is communicated back to the mother and family, jeopardizing my children's safety. I have no trust in these depraved inbreeds.....

Michael Holman said...

It is an attempt by rogue agents to anger me into threatening someone so they can charge me with a federal crime. New England racists, I have them at work and they aren't as good or smart as me and it angers them. Being black is supposed to mean I am inferior, NOT!

KingCast said...

For those of you who don't know Mr. Holman's story it is similar to that of Ralph Holder, children taken away and put somewhere less safe than they were in the first place.

In Holman's case the NH inbreds somehow sent after his children in Washington State and brought them back to NH where their drug-addled white mother allowed one of them to ride his bicycle without a helmet, he got a coma and almost fucking DIED.

Watch the movie.