29 September 2011

Fort Hood Soldier, motorcyclist killed by hit and run driver... Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan encourages this conduct by failing to prosecute Cody Eller.

Cody Eller was indicted on 26 October, 2011 and his arraignment on First and Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct for intentionally running his car into William Hawksley on his Kawasaki ZX-14 is currently scheduled for 18 Nov. 2011. Once again KingCast is correct about something in American Jurisprudence, surprise, surprise. And for all of you dumb-shit meathead cross-eyed bitches at ADVRider and NESR who ganged up on me and threw me off of your silly little Lord of the Flies chat boards as you professed my ignorance on the law and on this subject, you guys can pretty much eat a dick, LOL. Fuck me with a cactus? Nah, doubtful.... it's more like fuck YOU with a cactus you cross-eyed, aptly self-named and promoted c___. At least Mr. Hawksley had someone else break his ankle you're so fucking stupid you went and broke your own hahahahaa..... but stupid is as stupid does, and that's what you get for being a low-life skank bitch though :)

Anyway, I've got an extra special photo for all of you coming up when I can get to my card reader but for now here are the background videos and the KingCast Amicus Brief urging the Prosecutors to do exactly what they did eventually do. Whether Mr. Eller actually appears at his arraignment in front of KingCast cameras or not, he eventually has to pass before my roving eye at some point even if on a Plea Arrangement, and when that moment comes, I'm going to shoot his ass with a howling straight glass 100mm or 50mm Canon, real good.
Dear Reporter Semadini: I just read today's news story at bikers post. I am saddened to hear about the death of Maurice Collier, but in a way I am not surprised that the bikers caught up with the driver of the pickup, brought him back to the scene and stabbed him. You see when you have no prosecution of asshat punks like Cody Eller -- who intentionally ran his car into an innocent motorcyclist -- people are going to start taking the law into their own hands. Scroll down, here is the Cody Eller background, replete with activist video at the Courthouse and Laconia Bike Week 2011. I will preach this case everywhere the little Triumph takes me.

What say you, Counselor Hogan? I specifically asked you a month ago what the goddamn holdup was. Have you taken this case to the Grand Jury for First Degree Assault this month or are you just shucking and jiving around with Justice?

10:27a: Return phone call from Hillsborough South Courthouse: Hogan will take until the end of October to indict, the Statutory maximum most likely related to speedy trial concerns. Stay tuned, KingCast cameras will be following as the case proceeds.


Christopher King said...

Bike rage goes unchecked in NH as well.....

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Dear Reporter Semadeni:

I am a former State Attorney and life long biker.

Take a look at this absurdity in New Hampshire.... Failure to prosecute encourages vigilante justice, sadly.




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Christopher King said...

PS: No I have no idea what that oily substance is underneath the Triumph. All I know is that it did not come from the Triumph, thank goodness I have had enough battle with that beast earlier this season.