20 September 2011

Folks in South Africa search for convicted felon, Columbia adjunct and eMusic CEO Adam Klein and find him on Crappydads, just as his daughter claims!

And with 530 views... here are some of the South African documents.
I will be damned if I take any shit from anyone on this, because I won't.
And the Court needs to stop shitting on Daralyn Khan as well, 
a Day of Reckoning is going to come. 
And it's going to come on the end of my Canon 60D.
Oh you're damn right they do. Crappydads rules! It was South African company Boumat, Ltd. he ripped-off. Here's what his own daughter said, and Spencer Kagan has a hand in this mess. That's why he's leaning on Jay Korff to tell me to remove him from my journals. Read my response to that below the fold. A New Day is dawning in American journalism, folks. Wait till I stop down at Columbia next week when I head down to NYC.
Related: Open letter #2 to Columbia Provost Claude Steele. That's French, n'est-ce pas? Are the French really that spineless? They did and still do make some great race cars though.
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Follow up.

Jay Korff to me
show details Sep 19 (1 day ago)

    I understand that pictures of Judge Kagan remain on your web site. I asked before for their removal and you had declined. Will you now reconsider? Please let me know. Thank you.

 Invite Jay Korff to chat
Christopher King to Jay
show details Sep 19 (1 day ago)
Dear Mr. Korff,

I respectfully decline. I continue to see more injustice coming from that Court toward Daralyn Khan even though I am unable to ascertain the exact status of the case because it was conceived during a time period when the file is considered impounded, so they get away with bloody murder.

Khan's daughter even noted that her father Adam Klein was a "scum of the Earth deadbeat" 

And her lawyer Jeffrey Denner used to fuck her while he was representing her.

The whole entire system is a piece of shit, and I am certain that those asshole lawyers and the Court system hate me, so the fact that Spencer Kagan has engaged in questionable conduct as posted in my journals substantiates my position that I am performing a public service in the True Spirit of the Fourth Estate, even though other journos won't do it.

It stays up and this response goes into a journal entry to prove 

a) that you did as asked
b) that they are still putting heat on you
c) that they are afraid to step to me directly

Peace and best regards,
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Christopher King, J.D.

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Christopher King to Jay
show details Sep 19 (1 day ago)
And I might add that some of the information and opinions about Spencer Kagan that I referenced came from multiple sources that have no nexus with you whatsoever so the the extent that they are singling you out I call bullshit on that.
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