04 September 2011

All this shit about U.S. tennis player Donald Young is insane.....

I'm reading some posts about him now, one and two and here is all I have to say:
Oh, well according to some detractors it was an "out of sync" Murray, he beat yet he also holds a winning advantage over Lopez, who is playing Murray right now.

Like I said Young is still..... young.... a stronger serve and additional wisdom will come, the guy is just hitting his stride for Pete's sake. And Americans typically mature emotionally later than Euros, true with women and men for the most part. That having been said I enjoyed listening to him and Johnny Mac in the booth tonight, he sounds like he's getting it all together and I wish him luck. Todd Martin's sister and I were law school classmates and whenever he was deep in a tournament the energy was brilliant, I wish he had won a major!

BTW, Vitas Gerulaitis should be in the Hall of Fame, duh.

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Anonymous said...

How do we know a word of what you post is accurate, since you CENSOR.