30 September 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies shows how to deal with recalcitrant government attorneys on FOIA and Public information requests: Martha Coakley, U.S. Trustee, NH Bar Discipline.

The key is never to let up. Once you know you are right, just keep on hammering and eventually you will win. Think less of a chess match and more like a steady stream of water that just slowly cuts a channel into granite..... in the Granite State no less! The NH Supreme Court/Bar letter is coming later today or over the weekend. As a former LE Attorney I am appalled by some of this.

Back Stories:
U.S. Trustee Larry Sumski FOIA -- Attorney Larry Wahlquist
Martha Coakley/Banking & Mortgage
NH Failure to investigate Wells Fargo Attorney Shawn Masterson

KingCast congrats to Chris King: Senna delights with passion, saddens with politics and death.

Update: NYTimes op-ed "Danger's still our middle name" by Michael Cannell -- author of the forthcoming book “The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit."  Note that this is around the time that Roger Penske was still racing (he was 1961 SCCA Driver of the Year) when he met my father as noted below........Okay I seriously need to stop hexing these race car drivers because as a kid and adolescent there were three drivers, Niki Lauda, Mark Donohue and Ayrton Senna (a bit later) whom I idolized. Two of the three of them died of events beyond their control and I will never forget watching Lauda becoming a human fireball in 6th grade. Anyway, people die at Imola... witness Gilles Villeneuve, another favorite, though that was driver error. And I just forgot, I had a picture of Graham Hill on my shelf as a child forever, he and Lotus teammate Jim Clarke (also RIP) were the shit. I got into all this stuff in part because Roger Penske wound up playing table tennis with my father in the early 1960's under circumstances I won't delve into in this space except to say that no, it was nothing criminal. 
In any event, thanks to my namesake at Universal Pictures (and to Writer Manis Pandey and Director Asif Kapadia) for the superb editing in "Senna," which I watched last night there at Sunshine. This critic had the same comment as my companion "I wish they had shown more of his personal life" but alas, most of that is left to the imagination and while I am of mixed mind I think perhaps wisely so. We do get to see the politics of racing up close and personal, with the French really doing a number on The Brazilian Bomber. I never cared for Alain Prost either, as I fancied him a crybaby but it is good to see him on the Senna Foundation, death changes everything. Ayrton was a bit of sunshine for the Brazilian people whose life was eclipsed by the clouds much too early. At least his foundation is running strong and still helping Brazilian children to this day, a lasting legacy to one of the World's best race car drivers and public citizens.

29 September 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies..... Still Watching Civil Rights Like a Hawk!

Oh yah, you always have to watch it like a hawk.... go back to Memorial Day and watch the intro to the movie about the bad apples at Nashua PD arresting Dave Ridley with no probable cause, only to see the Court slam them later, at a substantial waste of taxpayer monies and other resources. The Robert Glik case in Massachusetts rang out that same week, rule being: Police cannot fuck with you for just pointing a camera at them. As a former LE Attorney I could have (and did) tell you that a long time ago...... Even Rock Stars may smile at first, then when they find out about it they are pissed off as well! 

More hawk watching below, with a short film tomorrow. 
It was fun, met a cat with a Canon 5D MK 2 and I got to use a nice fast prime for some of the stills and video.

Fort Hood Soldier, motorcyclist killed by hit and run driver... Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan encourages this conduct by failing to prosecute Cody Eller.

Cody Eller was indicted on 26 October, 2011 and his arraignment on First and Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct for intentionally running his car into William Hawksley on his Kawasaki ZX-14 is currently scheduled for 18 Nov. 2011. Once again KingCast is correct about something in American Jurisprudence, surprise, surprise. And for all of you dumb-shit meathead cross-eyed bitches at ADVRider and NESR who ganged up on me and threw me off of your silly little Lord of the Flies chat boards as you professed my ignorance on the law and on this subject, you guys can pretty much eat a dick, LOL. Fuck me with a cactus? Nah, doubtful.... it's more like fuck YOU with a cactus you cross-eyed, aptly self-named and promoted c___. At least Mr. Hawksley had someone else break his ankle you're so fucking stupid you went and broke your own hahahahaa..... but stupid is as stupid does, and that's what you get for being a low-life skank bitch though :)

Anyway, I've got an extra special photo for all of you coming up when I can get to my card reader but for now here are the background videos and the KingCast Amicus Brief urging the Prosecutors to do exactly what they did eventually do. Whether Mr. Eller actually appears at his arraignment in front of KingCast cameras or not, he eventually has to pass before my roving eye at some point even if on a Plea Arrangement, and when that moment comes, I'm going to shoot his ass with a howling straight glass 100mm or 50mm Canon, real good.
Dear Reporter Semadini: I just read today's news story at bikers post. I am saddened to hear about the death of Maurice Collier, but in a way I am not surprised that the bikers caught up with the driver of the pickup, brought him back to the scene and stabbed him. You see when you have no prosecution of asshat punks like Cody Eller -- who intentionally ran his car into an innocent motorcyclist -- people are going to start taking the law into their own hands. Scroll down, here is the Cody Eller background, replete with activist video at the Courthouse and Laconia Bike Week 2011. I will preach this case everywhere the little Triumph takes me.

What say you, Counselor Hogan? I specifically asked you a month ago what the goddamn holdup was. Have you taken this case to the Grand Jury for First Degree Assault this month or are you just shucking and jiving around with Justice?

10:27a: Return phone call from Hillsborough South Courthouse: Hogan will take until the end of October to indict, the Statutory maximum most likely related to speedy trial concerns. Stay tuned, KingCast cameras will be following as the case proceeds.

28 September 2011

KingCast presents: The last rose.

Not bad. Much better when I start rolling some fast primes :)

KingCast says the Alyssa Giacobbe Boston Magazine story on the Marina Bay/O'Connell/Fasano/Bynarowicz scandal is now published, as promised.

6 OCT 2001 UPDATE: "Mike" I will find out who you are and the authorities will make you stay away from me and stop calling my number you fool.

Here's Alyssa's story.
Here's some back story.
I think the cocaine in the road rage case came from the Uncle. Alyssa and I have discussed this based on what Bynarowicz said to LE "You won't believe me (where I got it)..." And of course Fasano and Bynarowicz were never prosecuted for the "recreational cocaine." Watch the videos at the link, nice courtroom action.

KingCast Jam of the Day: Eric Burdon and War's Tobacco Road!

"I have a dream... that's your's and mine and yours......." I'm kind of glad to be old enough to remember these guys (and honorable mention Three Dog Night doing "Black and White") in the 70's and "Momma told me not to come" here. War was some of the coolest musicians in the World, ever. So crunchy yet sexy at the same time... Just so goddamn chill......

27 September 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies checks in on Occupy Boston; never-ending sequel to Occupy Wall Street!

Tonight I heard the same points being made that the banking industry and Wall Street is out of control, so I actually put down the journo hat for a minute and told folks to pay attention to Neil Garfield's Living Lies JournalForeclosure Hamlet and Mortgage Movies (in that link watch Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg call the cops on an innocent homeowner and Yours Truly). I'll have a short film wrapped tomorrow for now those of you who have not seen the New York movie it is above, and the original link with more stills is here, peace. Also this guy pictured at U.S.K. photo blog was great, unfortunately I had bumped into someone and my mic jack must have come loose (you can see my rig top right) so I didn't catch the audio!

Will Spotify rivals recruit International Felon and deadbeat dad Adam Klein to champion their charge?

I think it amounts to a Constitutional Deprivation against the media and against the children who are getting screwed because they have lost a measure of their 
First Amendment Rights to discuss these matters publicly.

And with 530 views... here are some of the South African documents.
I will be damned if I take any shit from anyone on this, because I won't.
And the Court needs to stop shitting on Daralyn Khan as well, 
a Day of Reckoning is going to come. 
And it's going to come on the end of my Canon 60D.
Dear Spotify CEO Daniel Ek: Spotify is cool. Adam Klein is not, so whatever local folks he is consulting with (read this Business Insider story) to make a run at you are scum for working with a guy like this, a complete douchebag, IMO. His baby's momma and his own daughter called him the "scum of the Earth" and a "deadbeat Dad" in the ongoing travesty of Justice in the Cambridge Courts. South Africa and I call him an International Felon for embezzlement, and I will soon be at the Provost Office at Columbia to ask.....

KingCast/Mortgage Movies ask "How can Scott Hyman enjoy Rosh Hashanah when the legal system is still putting the screws to him?"

Okay, so I noted back in April for the Passover Seder journal entry and on Capitol Access TV in Concord, NH that I was sick and tired of some of you showing up in here and in my videos bashing Jewish folks and assuming that they control everything. The point I made was that you have jerks and you have good people of all races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, etc.

Well another half a year has passed, so it has now been approximately 16 months since Scott Hyman "prevailed" in his $1.7M anti-Semitic property abuse case down in Lakeville/Hemlock Association, involving a firebombed home, busted out windows, urine and feces and other unsavory facts. Here is the omnibus entry on that, "Neighbors." He and his goy neighbors Don and Julie Prescott won the Jury trial fair and square and then opposing counsel Richard Serkey filed what I believe to be some pathetic post trial motions that actually point toward their potential malpractice more than anything else because he failed to object to various issues being put in the record. In any event, I have never in my life seen a case sit like this and for the life of me I can't understand it. Judge Cosgrove seemed to be a reasonable Jurist, seemed very deliberate and fair, if a 60-40% biased toward Defendants in terms of rulings from the bench. But at this point I have to honestly wonder why the holdup? As I pointed out in April this places Scott Hyman (and the Prescotts) in perpetual Hell basically because he has nothing to appeal from if the Court reduces the verdict or orders a new trial and no money to settle for in the event the Court upholds the verdict. So first his neighbors ran him out and shit on him literally, and now the Court is following suit in the figurative sense.

Happy New Year Mr. Hyman, things are looking up.... because they can't get any worse!

26 September 2011

KingCast presents: Defender! The best video game, ever.

You boys and girls over 38 who ever spent time at an arcade or bowling alley growing up will remember this one.... I hadn't thought of it in years and something made me Google it and I found this video. I was a master at this game, I loved it because it was so fast-paced for its time and still great today. I wish they would make it again. Save your Smart Bombs!

25 September 2011

KingCast: Built Dodge tough; acknowledges Good Faith Rule 7.2 mistake in 2010-CV-501 vis a vis Paula Lee Chambers bullshit in 2011-CV-373 foreclosure case.

Can anyone tell me if the inset blue truck is also a Mopar unit?
I spied on on a friend's shelf at random.

As noted on FB: That thing is beautiful ain't it John... I love the wiper blade in this photo alone and then it's in parallel with the mirror extension in another picture.... great stuff. I'll have to shoot it again as the leaves change!!!
I guessed it as a 1950 and I was close as this 1948 gallery shows. Yessir, like an old Dodge Truck I'll still be standing when it all comes down because my case is built on a strong foundation... meanwhile the Court and opposing counsel continue to trip over themselves as the Court continues to deviate from accepted norms of practice and procedure. More on this soon but start with the Barbadoro 28 U.S.C. §455 recusal issue now that Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty finally recused herself in proper fashion following the well-principled victory earned by KingCast Federal Pleadings in the case. Opposing Counsel hate to admit it, but I won. Let me say it again: I won. A Federal Judge with connections to Kelly Ayotte and who worked for her old law firm of McLane, Graf -- same firm defending my Free Press racial lawsuit -- recused herself because of my accurate pleadings. And I'm just getting started, folks.

Pics from the FB page. Notice of Errata coming shortly is posted, for the second email screen capture read this journal entry on another shady lawyer involved in the Jeanne Ingress Wells Fargo Merrimack Mortgage sham foreclosure case with no original documents produced.

KingCast tells Mass AG Martha Coakley: You have until Friday 30 Sept. 2011 to issue real answers to the banking fee and mortgage fine questions, thank you.

Here is your back story with video from a recent Bank of America excursion; the questions were simple:

1. Did your office approve of usurious 12% check cashing fees used by Bank of America and if so, provide the paperwork, and;

2. How much money did your office and/or the Massachusetts Division of Banks bring in on Mortgage fines and how was it distributed.

For some reason the first response that came back to me was dilatory, obfuscatory and evasive, so we're going to try again.

24 September 2011

Hey KingCast are you really moving to recuse Judge Paul Barbadoro from your Free Press racial lawsuit, KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501?

I believe so..... Enough is enough and I will explain later but for now start here with the back door Magistrate Landa McCafferty recusal, which His Honor had previously said was an "entirely meritless" argument on my part.  He did not say this through a former Order or Entry, however. I have not filed one single vexatious or Bad Faith pleading in this case. Now then proceed to the denial of my basic Right to file a Third Amended Complaint after the Nashua PD improperly applied the trespass statute against a fellow independent journalist Dave Riddley (himself following the case at bar) and tacitly admitted hatred for KingCast in the Mike Gannon arrest for videotaping LE. By granting a Stay urged by Defendants to shut me up, His Honor was once again showing his bias to protect Defendants. Then of course there is the well-reasoned Motion to Vacate Judge McCafferty's Report and Recommendations, seeing as I did actually prevail on the Motion to Recuse her that His Honor incorrectly said was was "entirely without merit." That Motion was denied -- again without formal Entry or Order -- prompting this Interlocutory Request to Certify the Record.

See also Richardson Securities v. Lau, 825 F.2d 647 (1987).

We believe that the district judge usurped power when she prevented the Laus from filing a motion for leave to amend their answer. Absent extraordinary circumstances, such as a demonstrated history of frivolous and vexatious litigation, see In re Martin-Trigona, 737 F.2d 1254, 1261-62 (2d Cir.1984), or a failure to comply with sanctions imposed for such conduct, Johl v. Johl, 788 F.2d 75 (2d Cir.1986) (per curiam), a court has no power to prevent a party from filing pleadings, motions or appeals authorized by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The actions of the district court effectively prevented the Laus from filing a motion for leave to amend. The refusal to permit a motion to be filed without a prior conference, followed by a failure to hold such a conference until nearly five months after one was first requested, and then by a denial of the motion for having been filed too late, are actions so "at odds with the purpose and intent of [the Federal Rules]," Padovani v. Bruchhausen, 293 F.2d 546, 548 (2d Cir.1961), as to warrant mandamus relief.5

KingCast: I'm not here for any bullshit.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies sees Attorney Paula Lee Chambers join Shawn Masterson in the liar's club in nasty Wells-Fargo case: Ingress v. AHMSI NH 2011-CV-373.

I make the natural inference that both of these lawyers are liars based on the following chain of events, starting with Attorney Masterson:

Fact: Shawn Masterson stated in Open Court in this KingCast/Mortgage Movie video that he and his client, Wells Fargo, were in possession of the original note and mortgage. This was in State Court where Diane Nicolosi heard objections to Masterson's representations because of the lack of any bank officer's presence (clearly hearsay testilying by Masterson) yet she did not care. Horace v. LaSalle, anyone? .... Wells Fargo v. Byrd, anyone?
I guess Judge Nicolosi didn't get the memo.

Fact: The original documents have never been produced despite Yours Truly offering up a Veuve Clicquot challenge to Attorney Masterson, what non-lying attorney could resist making me at once eat crow and drink my wine?

Fact: The NH Supreme Court summarily dismissed my Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal complaint against Masterson because I am not an aggrieved party, and apparently they do not find any problem with this likely (mis)representation because they refused to investigate it themselves, despite the fact that there are "Linda Green" documents involved. Ms. Ingress has asked me for a copy of the Complaint such that she may file it herself to see what excuse the NH Supreme Court comes up with next to ignore the issue. "Oh, that's in litigation.... we won't get involved...." or some such bullshit.

Fact: In Federal Court with Ms. Ingress as Plaintiff, Attorney Paula-Lee Chambers pops up, not unlike a weasel (thanks 3rd Bass 1991 LOL) to claim that she conferred with Plaintiff over a now-pending Motion for Extension of Time. But Chambers continued to "confer" with Plaintiff to obtain assent after she filed her Motion on 21 September, click the thumbnails folks, whoops.....  You see, pursuant to local Rule 7.2 you have to explain what attempts you have made to obtain assent from opposing Counsel. In this case Ms. Ingress offerred conditional acceptances as she was contemplating doing Chambers a favor, yet Attorney Chambers refused to note any of it in her 7.2 Cert. More on this below but by the way folks, keep an eye on another Bad Faith mortgage case pending before this Court involving Paula Lee Chambers, Bedard v MERS, 2011-CV-1117, in which the Defendants are also sitting on a continuance to respond to Plaintiff's Amended Complaint.  At least in that case you can see that they stayed the foreclosure proceeding, unlike the Barracudas involved in Ms. Ingress' case.  Meanwhile former Hinshaw, Culbertson Partner Todd Duckson is facing SEC fraud charges. Now I need to call these folks for an update.
By way of comparison, I have made a good faith mistake Rule 7.2 mistake last week and am preparing a Notice of Errata because I used the wrong email chain when sending out my Request for Interlocutory Certification of an (yet another) unwritten Order (look between #122-123, below). My email never reached the intended parties. Anyway, the issue in question is an unwritten Order denying my Motion to Vacate Magistrate McCafferty's Report and Recommendation in my case after she eventually admitted that I was correct about her ties to McLane, Graf et al. in case no. 2010-CV-501. How does the Court Certify an unwritten Order you ask? Well first Judge Barbadoro would have to actually issue a written Order for starters....

Anyway back to this case, this does not appear to be a Good Faith mistake because Attorney Chambers knew goddamn well that she had already filed the Motion on 21 September to beat the deadline so there was no way in hell she could even possibly agree to the following language offered by Ms. Ingress as she spoke with her the next day, yet she continued to engage her in discourse to what end I wonder?
Dear Attorney Chambers:I will only accept your Motion if you promise me in writing that you can and will produce the original documents in this case, i.e. note, mortgage and assignments. Cut and paste this message......
This Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal, failure to disclose material facts issue brings into question whether or not Attorney Chambers also was full of shit a few years back and misled the Court or opposing counsel or the Parties in any way when she "abrubtly" left the law office of Certulo & Capone during Chiulli & Sons v. Hanover, Hartford Superior 
 so I will take it upon myself to notify Chiulli and Attorney Michael P. Barry about this new case so they can track her actions:

While the court believes that Barry sincerely believed that Chambers had the authority to settle......

23 September 2011

KingCast presents: Taxi Please!

KingCast presents: Chinatown Chain Gang.

It looked like a 650R-ER6 factory over there today. My silver one would have been perfect but the Triumph makes a good bookend on color colour. As you can see I've got the fall shit commencing, chain, tire tyre, oil change, you know The Deal.

Landya B. McCafferty to host iPad session at Rudman Federal Courthouse; may address how to cut and paste and post her recusal in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP, Nashua PD U.S. Dist. 2010-CV-501

Read more about the back door recusal and pending Interlocutory matters. The US District Court will be hosting another lunchtime presentation by Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty on how the federal judges are using iPads.  Several lawyers have recently asked Magistrate Judge McCafferty to show them how to use their new iPads and share with them information on iPad functionality and standard iPad applications.

This presentation will be a repeat of the presentation that was held on September 22, 2011.  As a few lawyers were unable to attend the first session, Magistrate Judge McCafferty decided it would be best to open this up to another group of lawyers who might have a new iPad or who are interested in purchasing one.

If you are interested in attending, feel free to join Magistrate Judge McCafferty for an informal iPad demonstration.  Bring a bag lunch.  Soda will be provided.

Thursday, October 20, 2011
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Warren B. Rudman US Courthouse
55 Pleasant Street

Attendance is free but advance registration is required.
You can register through the court's website at the following link:


22 September 2011

KingCast says "Get out of my yard you fucking Coons!!!"

You know there is nothing more irritating than a goddamn coon showing up to your party, uninvited and unwelcome. Many people in NH feel just like coons when they enter the so-called Justice system. 

Factoid: In 1998 some coons were running across the street, mid day. As they headed toward my 2nd floor porch I put the cat inside and grabbed a broom and started wailing on the phone pole they were climbing:

"You coons get the fuck out of here!" I bellowed as the neighbors (all white) just shook their heads and laughed. It was one of the funniest things, ever. Speaking of fucking coons, did you know that NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte accepts the support she gets from racist hate website Niggermania? Really? Yes, Really. She is also a Free Speech hater and her buddy Landya B. McCafferty helps her out in that regard in the free press racial lawsuit KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD., NH Dist 2010-CV-501. You see Kelly and her buddies Martin Dunn and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht tried to run this coon out of town when I was NAACP Legal Chair but I stood strong while they all folded, it's all here in this journal page, yessir....Also her Chief of Staff John Easton is a complete liar as well, I telephoned the Senate Ethics Committee to check up on this complaint but of course they had nothing to say. Anyway watch these:

KingCast asks, "Why is Pope County Neil Nelson refusing to speak with me, and why did he wait until today to send out exculpatory evidence?"

To the "I told you so" plant "truthsayerfromn" Looks like the State admitted today that they have not provided the discovery as promised in either instance of Terry Dean Nemmers arrests. And they had to push back both Omnibus hearings for an entire month.... We're going to get to the Truth, same way I dusted the high-dollar lawyers for Senator Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD when I forced U.S. Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty to recuse herself from my Free Press racial lawsuit.... I then forced her to recuse herself the right way. As Bobby Knight put so eloquently, "I am not here to fuck around.... some of you may be... but I am NOT.... now I'm gonna fucking guarantee you....."

Note that Terry Dean Nemmers has a hearing scheduled for 9a tomorrow morning yet they wait until fucking yesterday to allegedly send him the materials sought weeks ago? Once again I smell a rat......

Landya B. McCafferty finally issues appropriate recusal Order after KingCast files Interlocutory Certification Request to Judge Paul Barbadoro in free press racial case, McLane Graf Kelly Ayotte undue influence appearance of impropriety.

Well well well... what have we here?
It has been quite some time since Landya B. McCafferty recused herself from this case.... but we may never know when that actually happened because it was just an unofficial notation in the file that no one would have seen unless they went to file something. We do know that it was at least three (3) weeks ago though because I noted it back on 4 Sept 2011. You see, after I bitched about it for several weeks and Demanded that Judge Barbadoro Certify his unofficial Order denying the KingCast Motion to Vacate Judge McCafferty's Order, presto there it is. Better late than never I suppose... LOL. You haters note that Her Honor correctly referred to me as "Christopher King, Esq." So funny whenever I pop up folks want to say I don't know WTF I'm doing but yet they got and get the most powerful lawyers they can find, including the current NH Bar Association President to defend the case. American Tower Corp. tried that with Former Mass Bar President Richard C. Van Nostrand, and although Judge Reginald Lindsay allowed spoliation and destruction of evidence they still had to pay us more than they wanted and when they screwed up and violated the terms of the Settlement Agreement I got to repost the "American Lawyer" video at KingCast.net depicting the unlawful firing after I demanded overtime for my trainees and was labeled a "Dangerous Black Man." The relevant docs are all still linked in this journal, natch. The U.S. Legal System is largely corrupt and marked by undue influence, shocker.

Now, then what about the Certification for my Interlocutory Appeal?

@ChrisPenta does not get it.... he is a soldier without a purpose, and he is ignorant on the law in the Bruce McKay/Liko Kenney/Greg Floyd Franconia shooting tragedy.

Go to the video to take a look at the colloquy between us.... what with him making false accusations that I have told lies about NH law enforcement, or that the no-retreat law passed this year somehow would apply to Greg Floyd's actions 4 years ago!

He also attempts to interject race into this situation, which I'll never understand because pretty much everybody in Franconia is white.... whatever, people are strange, I'm just here to document it.

Update: As does happen the two of us have continued our discussion in a meaningful manner. It's All Good.

21 September 2011

KingCast presents -- Devo 1977: Their best cover of Satisfaction.

Unreal. In middle school and high school we used to skateboard in Akron at Rainbow Skate Park when they were just starting out, 1978.... I was like, what the fuck is this??? Waaaaay before Rugrats, folks. Way before. DEVO just flat kills it. I saw them once about 15 years ago and they put on one helluva show... Three of us at Hawken were DEVO for Halloween in 1982 I think... must find that picture.... because I am a Mongoloid!!! Duty Now for the Future, folks, huzzah!

Bonus: Mongoloid, remastered 2001.

Bonus: Space Junk, in honor of the recent 6 ton NASA Satellite crash.

Bonus: The orignal Satisfaction video.

Note: That Jackass Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project who posed as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) Attorney and who wrote most of "Try Gregory Floyd for murder" and who called me a nigger and a motherfucker is now claiming that I am making fun of mongoloid children because of this journal entry.