05 August 2011

Sam Shaulson's scumbag Mexican drug-money laundering client Citibank get a subpoena over potentially criminal mortgage/note securitization.

Sam Shaulson is a New York Morgan Lewis lawyer who represents Citibank, a scumbag operation that launders Mexican drug money, tricks college students and steals from innocent customers using sweeps accounts. Ohio AG Marc Dann v. Citibank (I worked in Ohio AG office, they do some good things from time to time) read it all right here, along with California AG Edmund Brown's press release on the sweeps theft. But not only that, now Bloomberg Business Week is reporting that the California authorities are tossing subpoenas there way over the illegal practices involved in mortgage securitization. All of this is par for the course because they even stole from a woman with uterine cancer.
Here's the question: Why haven't these pigs done any jail or prison time?

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