29 August 2011

POTUS returns to KingCast to read more about Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Read below the fold to see that The Executive Office of the President was reading about how Glenn Beck favored Paul Hodes over Kelly Ayotte.... and we all know she was horrible on Consumer Fraud and hates the CFPB and her constituents says she's "full of shit."

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Anonymous said...

She's so concerned about saving "our" tax dollars, that she spoke out against making school lunches more nutritious because of the increased expense to the schools vis-a-vis taxpayers.

Christopher King said...

Is that right?

Nothing surprises me with her anymore....


Michael Holman said...

Hey Kelly, another Congressman is going to bat for me, since a FOIA came back empty-handed and your Gov refuses to allow me a local drivers license with bogus charges. I want you Kelly, I want you front and center before the Feds.